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Shop Commission's Fresh Bundle Master (“Shop Commission” for short) is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy for Amazon affiliates to market bundled products together to maximize commissions.

What Is Shop Commission?

The Shop Commission website is registered to a Patric Chan, at an address in Malaysia.

We've reviewed Chan before, revealing him to be an internet marketer with high levels of personal success but with a reputation for marketing branded products and services that sometimes leave customers feeling cheated.

Strangely, with Shop Commission, there's nothing publicizing Chan's link to the actual product (Fresh Bundle Master). In fact, the actual developers of this software, Fresh Developers Limited, are not listed anywhere on the Shop Commission page.

It was only through research that we discovered the developer's name and the main programmer behind the product, one Carey Baird from the UK.

Shop Commission Product

Shop Commission sells Fresh Bundle Master for $37, which provides access to a WordPress plugin that can be configured to present “bundles” of Amazon purchases, grouped together in an attractive format, to encourage customers to buy several products at once.

The plugin allows users to construct bundles either manually or by relying on Amazon's “related purchases” feature, and offers auto-updating when products change price or are replaced with different models.

The end result is a well-packaged looking, clickable bundle that takes shoppers directly to Amazon for purchase.

In addition to Shop Commission offering Fresh Bundle Master, it also offers a “Developer License” version of the software for an undisclosed additional price.

This white-label version of the product can be used to produce content for others – ostensibly for a fee – instead of just for personal use.

Shop Commission Opportunity

The philosophy behind the plugin is for Amazon affiliates to focus on a smaller volume of larger-ticket sales with higher commissions instead of trying to build massive amounts of traffic to their affiliate site in the hopes of converting on lower-priced single items.

This can be a valid strategy for Amazon affiliate marketers.

Additionally, purchasing the Developer License plugin turns it into a possible money-making opportunity for web developers that create affiliate sites for others.

Additionally, it looks as if there may be an affiliate marketing opportunity to be had by marketing the Fresh Bundle Master product, but not through Shop Commission. More on that below.

Shop Commission Verdict

Fresh Bundle Master looks to be a solid product, but the issue we have here is Patric Chan's presentation of it.

First, he is obviously marketing this product on behalf of Fresh Innovations, but doesn't specify as such anywhere.

Not giving credit where it is due is usually frowned upon; while he doesn't claim the product is his specifically, he doesn't say where it's coming from either way – a rather glaring sin of omission.

Secondly, he doesn't identify himself as the seller or marketer behind this product. That's always a bad sign, as it makes it seem as if the seller has something to hide – either about the quality of the product they're marketing, their identity, or both.

For some reason Chan declined to associate his own name with this project, which makes us feel he thinks his online reputation has taken too much of a beating because of products he's unsuccessfully marketed in the past.

Finally, we think we've figured out what Chan is doing. We've found an entry for Fresh Bundle Master on an affiliate marketing site called JVZoo, which matches product creators with affiliates.

Fresh Innovations offers 50% commissions on Fresh Bundle Master and its associated upsells (of which there are many).

So in the end, purchasing Fresh Bundle Master through Shop Commission puts you at the mercy of Chan.

If you want the program, we recommend you buy directly from the company or from an affiliate who is more up front and honest about what they're doing (and the large number of upsells you're in for). If you want to be an affiliate, you'll need to investigate the opportunity hosted at JVZoo.

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