Sign Up Genius Review

Sign Up Genius is a method of organizing your event, when you have multiple guests who will be contributing to the festivities. This is our review.


What is Sign Up Genius?

Sign Up Genius is an online tool that helps business owners and individuals plan their events that require contributions from the guests. A perfect example of one of these events is a potluck. When you put together a potluck for any reason, you need to make sure you know who is bringing what, in effort to avoid planning the same dish from five or more people. You need a way to organize it, and Sign Up Genius is the solution to that problem.

In addition to the ability to plan an event, you also have access to the resources page, which provides you with ideas for following through with different events. Often, the resources reflect particular traditions or events that coincide with the particular time of year. These resources are available for free, and do not require a subscription to go over.

How Sign Up Genius Works

SignUpGenius-reviewOnce you sign up and choose a plan, you have access to all the features of Sign Up Genius.

The first task you are assigned with is creating a page for your event. You start off with a title and a description of your event. This can be changed with your editing tools, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t like the name and description you’ve entered.

Your page for your event won’t just be a simple Excel sheet; if it was only that, you could print one off yourself. You get to look over pages and pages of different style, fonts, and appearances to help you determine which one is the right tone for your event.

You can look through the different styles by category, or you can just browse through the pages until you like one. If you don’t like any of the themes, you can also upload your own design for a more personalized look.

You also need to know what kind of event you are creating. The website lets you choose from:

  • One-time event
  • Recurring event
  • A time-slot event (like a parent-teacher conference)
  • A customized time slot
  • No specific date

From there, you enter the details about your event that the guests will need to be aware of. If you select a time-slot event, you can designate the amount of time available for each time slot and allow the guests to determine what time to come in.

There is a slot available for each task you want to enter, allowing you to determine how many people can do that particular task and to enter any comments you may have about that slot.

You can also specify certain information that you’ll need from each guest that replied, which can include email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses. You will be notified as people sign up, and you can set a reminder for anyone who signs up. You have the opportunity to preview the invitation and event page before you publish it.

Some of these features may have additional options, depending on the subscription plan you select.

Using Sign Up Genius

To utilize the capabilities of Sign Up Genius for your activity, you need to go through a simple process to set up your event.

  1. Create the event.
  2. Invite guests to the event. The amount of guests you can invite directly depends on the particular package option you’ve selected.
  3. Allow guests to sign up for different tasks at your event. As the administrator, you can allow other guests to dictate the tasks, or you can personally set the tasks that need to be handled.
  4. Manage the sign-up list. As the administrator, you always have access to the list of projects that need attention on the sign-up sheet. From this page, you can also print a hard copy of the sign-up sheet.

The process is fairly simple, which means you can handle the entire sign-up yourself, and manage all of the projects on the list yourself as well.


Packages and Pricing for Sign Up Genius

There are four different packages for using the Sign Up Genius program.

The first program is the Basic program, which is free to the consumer. With the Basic program, you get to choose between over 500 visual design themes for your invitations, an unlimited amount of invited participants, the ability to collect payments on Sign Ups, reminders via text and email, access to the administrative management tools, the ability to share the activity on social media, and automatic syncing to your calendar. You can send up to 1,000 invitations and thank-you cards each month.

The next program is the Silver package, which is $4.99 for the first month and $9.99 a month going forward. Along with all the benefits you get from the basic package, you also get access to cloud file storage, multiple administrators, attached emails, and other features. Your invitation/thank-you note limit is raised to 5,000 with the Silver package.

The Gold package is next on the list, which is $12.49 for the first month and $24.99 for each month after. With the benefits of the first two packages, the Gold package also gives you access to customer support through email and chat, reports on volunteer reports, and the ability to track your invitations through email. The limitation on invitation/thank-you notes is raised to 10,000 per month.

The final option for your subscription is the Platinum package, which is $24.99 for the first month and $49.99 per month going forward. The only real difference with this package from the others is that you are able to send up to 20,000 invitation/thank you notes, and you are able to speak with customer support through phone calls as well.

Contacting the Makers of Sign Up Genius

If you are having difficulties with the website, or you need addition information about your plan, your plan will designate how exactly you can communicate. With the basic plan, you are limited to filling in the information in a form online, then waiting for a response to be emailed to you. Gold members can use the chat option, whereas Platinum members have access to all of the different methods of communication.


Sign Up Genius is an effective way to make sure all of your guests know what they are responsible for at your next event. With affordable pricing and simple print-out versions of your sign-up sheet, your next event will be effortless to execute.

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