Site Blog is a done-for-you blogging platform that gets you going on a blog fast and easy.

The Site Blog Company

Site Blog is a UK company based in Fareham, Hampshire, and offers a blog-creating platform that includes domain, email, editor, and templates.

The Site Blog website is a one-pager and therefore offers no information at all about the company, or even much about the product to tell you the truth.

Bizpedia lists two companies at the Fareham address, both registered on March 27, 2015.  Neither one of these business names is “Site Blog”, although the companies are related.  They are “Online Storage Software Limited” and “Cloud Backup Software Limited”.

A quick look at Google maps confirms that this is a commercial office space, not someone's living room.

Site Blog says it's free but in the terms of service it's mentioned that there's a licensing fee for the product/service.  There are also storage fees based on how much bandwidth the customer uses up, so Site Blog is probably an extension of these two registered companies located at the same address.


More About Site Blog Product

Site Blog is a subscription, as far as I can tell, where customers can add certain packages (upgrade?) like marketing and images. It's not clear which of the following are free and which are upgrades, however, without actually signing up.

The range of products covers the following:

  • FREE domain name with any plan.
  • Free marketing tools.
  • Blog templates: style your blog with 1000s of choices for the way your blog will look.
  • 24/7 support that's in-house and fully trained.
  • Image library- this can save you big bucks, since images for your blog will typically run you $1 to $10 each and you'll need a lot of them!
  • SEO tools- this promises to teach you how to rank your site- pretty hefty promise!
  • Drag and Drop editing.  This means you can write your content elsewhere and paste it into the blog.  It also means you can drag media into the blog from elsewhere and it's in.
  • FREE email addresses- unlimited

Site Blog Terms

When you sign up with Site Blog, you're signing a contract for a minimum term of service.  You can cancel but Site Blog will charge you an early termination fee of $14.95.

The reason?  The cost of the service you're signing up for is spread over the whole term period.  When you cancel early you haven't fully paid for the services you've been rendered so there's a fee.

The typical contract term with Site Blog is one to two years.  However, if you sign up for a monthly plan (pay  month-by-month) there is no early termination fee.  Here are a few other circumstances when you will not be charged an early termination fee:

  • when you upgrade
  • when you extend your contract
  • when you had agreed on a temporary account with Site Blog
  • when you terminate within 3 days of signing up

Also, your blog will be hosted on Site Blog's server, but they will not make or keep copies of your data for you.  They are not liable for lost data.


Site Blog Verdict

Without much to go on, I can say that Site Blog seems to offer a legitimate product that will have worth to a lot of people. According to a recent poll or survey I came across a few weeks ago, it's said that 81% of people in the world have an inner writer just waiting to come out.

To put it mildly, that's a lot of potential blogging going on or about to take place in the world!  And we all know not everyone has the capability, the patience, or the time to piece together all the components required to actually get a blog up and running.  From the domain name purchase to the ongoing need for images as well as marketing further down the line, it's all included with a Site Blog account.

The only caveat is the disparity between the website message “It's Free!” and the fine print in the terms service which talk about a licensing fee, early termination fees, and other pricing-related issues.  Find out more before you commit.

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