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Smashfund Review

Smashfund is regarded as the pioneer of crowd funding companies that operates as a social network. They offer a crowd funding platform, who's mission is to help the independent creator get his or her thoughts and ideas to move from the drawing board, to the market place. The Crowd funding industry is expected to gross over $20 billion dollars by 2018.


The Smashfund Company

Smashfund was the concept of a man named Rob Towels. He increased his last crowd funding platform to over 400 million users and eventually sold the company for $110M. They officially went live on April 27, 2016.

It has a pay structure that is similar to UBER and the technology referral model of Groupon, which compensates over 16,000 viral connections.

The early growth estimates are anywhere from 50 to 100,000 members in just the first 3 months, with the potential to exceed over one million in the very first year.

They use what they call,”shareconomics” which monetizes and adds leverage to your social graph, through revenue sharing that is like ALIBABA, AIRBNB and UBER.

The Product

There isn't a “product” per se. Smashfund provides a way to get financial backing for a variety of projects, ideas, etc through the building of a social graph.

Whenever you join a social network like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever, you are essentially building your social graph.

As this program begins to take off, people with large numbers of followers, like businesses and celebrities will begin to get involved and everyday entrepreneurs, inventors, and creators will be able to take advantage of this huge social following to promote and fund their individual projects.


The Opportunity

For $149 per month, you can join Smashfund and be able to take advantage of the potential of reaching a much wider audience then if you were to go through any of the traditional social media networks.

You then get compensated through your personal connections and your viral connections. For every member that you have involved through your Smashfund account, you will get paid $50 per month.

So basically, if you were to bring in three people from any of your social networks, your sign-up fee would be waived.

Since this a very new platform, you have the opportunity to sort of get ahead of the ball so to speak and really take advantage of the system before it takes off.

The more people that you can get to become involved with Smashfund at this stage of the game, the more you will be able to monetize from it before it goes viral.

Anyone that is a member of the Smashfund network, whether it is someone who came before you, someone on the sides of you, or someone that you brought in behind you, are all business partners in a sense and you all get compensated.

Every single person in this group gets paid four dollars a month for your viral connection. In other words, if you have 100 members in your group, you will make $400 that month.

I think you can see how this crowd funding platform has the ability to generate a very large revenue within a relatively short period of time.

The Verdict

The Smashfund is still in its infancy so to speak, I can definitely see how it has tremendous potential to blow up and make money for everyone who becomes involved with it.

They have different educational models that are taught by experts in the crowd funding field to help maximize your social reach and subsequent monies you earn while doing so.

The beautiful thing about this program however, is you don't have to have superior knowledge about how it works exactly. They want you to be the messenger, not the message.

They provide world-class professional tools in the form of videos, e-mails and conference calls that help you to leverage you social network outreach to truly succeed.

Social Media is huge in today's day and age. Smashfund has recognized this and has provided a platform where you can bring your passions, whatever they are, to the masses and make money while doing so.

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