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Snap Riches Review

Snap Riches is a digital training course that teaches entrepreneurs how to monetize SnapChat.


About Snap Riches

Internet marketing and real estate investing expert, Nathan Jurewicz teamed up with Trent Silver to found Snap Riches. Trent Silver is a well known expert in online marketing, affiliate management, E-commerce and online lead generation.

Snap Riches is designed to teach internet marketers how to make money using SnapChat. There are no products that you have to sell. The traffic strategy is designed to help you make money by driving free traffic to your businesses website. You are also taught how you can make more money if you drive in paid traffic.

Both Nathan Jurewicz and Trent Silver have the knowledge, know how and experience to properly teach those in online marketing how to make money and gain leads. According to Jurewicz, Trent Silver strives to educate entrepreneurs and provide them with the knowledge they need to be successful.

The Product

The Snap Riches training course can be purchased for a one time fee of $97, with a money back guarantee. The course is broken down into 6 steps so you can learn at your own pace. You will learn how to get started using SnapChat to make money by creating good content. The course teaches you how to drive in traffic to your website, as well as, receive and promote offers. You just follow the 6 steps through and do it all over again.

When you purchase the training course you are given access to:

  • The Snap Riches Dashboard
  • The Training Platform
  • Access to a Blog
  • Multiple Downloads
  • Full Contact Support

Snap Riches also has 2 other funnel items, Snap Media for $300 and Leopard Pill for a total of $77. The website, as well as, the videos state that there are a couple of bonus courses that are free. Unfortunately they did not mention what they were, they want you to find out when you buy it..

The Opportunity

The opportunity is what the product is all about. There are a few different ways this training course can benefit you. The first thing you are provided with are the necessary training and tools you need to monetize SnapChat. You will learn how to make money using free and paid traffic.

The second way you can make some money is through the Joint Venture Program. Becoming an independent distributor is quick and easy. According to the videos and the website you can earn up to $237 on every sale you make. The company claims it is a fast turnaround on a $100 investment. Aside the 50% commission you can receive there is an opportunity to earn another 10% on every 2nd tier of sales.

This last way to make money is by getting other SnapChat users to pay you to promote them. Out of all three ways you can make money, the joint venture will make you the most money the fastest. You would start generating pure profit after 5 sales.

The Verdict

When it comes to making an investment in hopes to make money back it is best to pay into something that comes with a money back guarantee. This training course can really help entrepreneurs and small business owners. Learning how to successfully drive in the right traffic is an important key to online marketing.

Trent Silver is well known when it comes to E-commerce and marketing. When you take a pair of experts like Jurewicz and Silver you will at least get some really helpful information. Having access to the tools and training to help you with your online marketing skills is a great thing.

When it really boils down to it, they really want you to sign up for the joint venture partner program. See then they continue to make money and you get to make some as well. The website even states that the best way to make money with Snap Riches is by selling it. Partners earn 50% on all sales providing a quick turnaround on the investment.

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