social cash robot

Social Cash Robot is more than just your average multi-level marketing program or company. It is also classified as a High Yield Investment Program, or HYIP, a PTC, and a traffic exchange. The reason for so many classifications is because there are several ways members can earn money.


What is Social Cash Robot?

Paul Bertram and Chuck Sperry founded Social Cash Robot, which is a recent MLM startup. The website was initially registered February of 2016, but the domain remained private for some time after that. Now that the site is live, it is possible to take a closer look at it.

The Product

There is not exactly a product, but there are several ways you can earn money. Of all the ways you can make money, the shares you can invest in might be the closest you will come to purchasing an actual product.

Each share you buy will cost you $49, so it is up to you if you want to invest in shares or not. Should you choose to invest in shares, you will have access to features and benefits. Those features and benefits will allow you to earn on your investment each day.

The Opportunity

One of the most promising aspects of Social Cash Robot is that you do not have to pay anything to sign up. You do not often find MLM companies that offer free sign up. Free sign up is, in itself, interesting enough. Once you become a member, you will have access to a variety of ways you can earn money.

For instance, you can go through the PTC or pay-to-click route. Keep in mind hat while PTC opportunities are relatively easy, they also do not earn you much money. You might make a fraction of a cent or a few cents from watching or clicking on different ads.

You can also earn money through referrals. Many MLM companies encourage you to have members signed up. Social Cash Robot does not necessarily have the best affiliate program. However, it is the best way to increase your earnings without spending any of your own money.

Of course, you could always invest in advertising to draw in potential affiliates, but it is better to round up your members without spending any money. Instead, try to spread through word for free through social media and other similar outlets.

Finally, you can generate money by investing in shares, which is the primary purpose of Social Cash Robot. The program encourages you to invest in stocks to earn a† lot of money very quickly. Upon the first review of the website, you are greeted with a statement that tells you that you have found an opportunity that will allow you to make at least $1,250 in just seven minutes.

Of course, who doesn't want to make at least a thousand dollars in just a few minutes with little to no work involved? Just about everyone, if given the chance, would jump on such an opportunity. Unfortunately, such statements often follow the it's too good to be true rule.

Final thougts about

Since there are a couple of free ways to earn money through Social Cash Robot, it does not seem like a bad deal. It is certainly not the best, but it is not the worst, either. There is nothing to indicate that the program is a scam, but there are a few warning signs.

In the disclaimer portion of the website, it specifically states, ìYou may not rely on any information presented on the site.î Therefore, it makes it hard to believe any of the claims made. Since there are some outlandish claims, it makes it difficult to trust in much of anything.

Again, that is not to say that the program is a gimmick. Although it does seem that you might lose more money than you would earn, it still might be worth it. If you have money to invest, give it a try. You may find that it is one of the best money making opportunities.

Keep in mind, though that there is always a possibility that you will lose your investment. Make sure you never spend more than you are comfortable losing. If you do no have money to spare or money that you could stand to lose, do not invest.

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