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Social Media Mastery is an online training course for network marketers that teaches the intricacies of harnessing the power of social media to grow their business by attracting more followers, getting more prospects, and converting them into customers.

What Is Social Media Mastery?

Social Media Mastery is a product of Network Marketing Pro, a platform created by Eric Worre. A highly successful network marketer in his own right, Worre has been involved in network marketing training and education since at least 2009, and is responsible for creating an annual marketing conference in 2010 that has since grown to have several thousand in attendance every year.

In addition to his training and education services, Worre has also written an international best-selling book on network marketing, has created a film detailing the world of entrepreneurs, and has also joined forces with his wife to create a separate network marketing conference for women that has grown to be the largest of its type in the world.

Social Media Mastery Product

Social Media Mastery is a fully-fledged online training course, consisting of seven different modules, designed to teach a network marketer everything they need to know about social media and how to leverage it to support a marketing business. These video courses are as follows:

  • Module 1 – Why Social Media – Why Now: this module provides an overview of what social media is and how important it is to harness its power.
  • Module 2 – Building Your Social Media Brand: this module teaches marketers how to build a personal “brand” on social media that will help connect with the audience they want to reach.
  • Module 3 – How to Grow Your Network of Friends, Followers, and Fans: this module teaches techniques on brand expansion and driving your following on social media platforms.
  • Module 4 – How to Convert Your Network of Friends, Followers, and Fans: this module provides strategies and tactics for converting your social media followers into prospects.
  • Module 5 – How to Convert Your Prospects into Customers and Distributors: this module provides methods for turning prospects into paying customers and/or members of your own affiliate team.
  • Module 6 – How to Use Social Media to Train and Communicate with Your Team: this module showcases how social media isn’t just for sourcing prospects but can be used to keep in close contact with your affiliate team.
  • Module 7 – How to Duplicate this Social Media Strategy with Your Team: this module provides ways to pass on the knowledge contained in the entire training course to affiliate members in your downline so they can duplicate your social media successes.

The video course also includes worksheets, a downloadable PDF workbook, PDF transcripts of each video training module, and access to two more “bonus” videos that provide in-depth reviews of the most popular social media platforms, several tips and tricks for maximizing the technology of these platforms, and user feedback from top experts in the field of social media marketing.

The entire course, which is offered with a 30-day money back guarantee, retails for $497. Social Media Mastery uses Kajabi as a payment processor.

Social Media Mastery Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Social Media Mastery is to learn highly specialized techniques and strategies for maximizing and monetizing your social media presence as a network marketer. As a pure training and education product, there are no other opportunities such as marketing the product itself to others for a commission.

Social Media Mastery Verdict

Social Media Mastery is not an inexpensive product. At nearly $500, it’s squarely situated out of the price range of anyone merely dabbling in social media or network marketing. Additionally, it’s also one of Eric Worre’s most expensive training courses; the majority of the online training courses that are offered by Network Marketing Pro range in price from between $150 to $300 in most cases.

Does this mean that Social Media Mastery is overpriced? Not necessarily – it seems to be a very comprehensive course offering that covers a wide array of strategies and tactics for using social media as a brand-building tool. Still, the high price tag may be a bitter pill to swallow for anyone who isn’t fully 100% committed to running an online marketing business of their own.

The price is mitigated by the 30-day money back guarantee that Worre is offering on this product. This shows the high level of confidence he has in the value of the training product he’s offering. As a highly successful network marketer in his own right, Worre’s unlikely to attempt marketing a product that he doesn’t feel has at least enough perceived value to warrant the high price tag.

Will Social Media Mastery turn you into a supercharged network marketer capable of harnessing the power of social media to drive your business into the stratosphere? That might be a bit too much to ask. Will it help someone with no idea where to begin their social media campaign? We’re pretty sure. If you can afford it, this program is likely to be beneficial.

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