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Social Stinger is a social media management service. They help you to maintain all your social media accounts and keep everything up to date while providing quality content that keeps your customers and fans engaged.

What is Social Stinger?

The site Social Stinger was registered November 2015 and was updated August 2016. There is no information on who runs the site. According to the name and address have been blocked.

However, when you scroll down the web page you are giving an address of 26 Warren St, Suite 201 Beverly, NJ. If you look into that address using Google Maps you will notice that the area is residential. One thing you may notice to be a bit odd is that when you click on the “Contact Us” page of their site, the map shows Salt Lake City, Utah and not New Jersey.

The Product

Social Stinger offers a wide range of services to help you manage your social media accounts. They offer help with managing your Facebook Ads and fan page postings. You can also have them help you with your e-commerce store or other authority sites.

As for the price, you have two selections. You can get their Facebook Ad Executive Package for $997 a month. Or pick a customized service in which you have to contact them for pricing.

The Executive Package provides you with 2-weeks for a complete set-up, unlimited ads, an account manager, and weekly calls. Plus they will help with customizing your images and sales copy for your targeted audience and sales reports.

For the custom package, you can select from any of their services and get a quote.

Social Stinger Verdict

It is very interesting to scroll through the site and read how they have helped 500+ clients. Especially since the site mentions how they can help you with your entire social media accounts, but only offer services for Facebook.

Another interesting fact is the address that is listed on the site. Upon further investigation, you will notice not only is the address in a residential area but that doesn't list the address as the one for Social Stinger.

If you decide to use Social Stinger to help boost your Facebook image, you will soon find yourself handing over a lot of money. The package that is listed is extremely high. That seems to be the cost of rent though for the houses located at the address, though. Interesting coincidence? Perhaps.

One more thing you need to look at before making up your mind about this site is the refund policy. Social Stinger states that they will refund your money for any work not done or completed within 30-days of purchase. That means that if you aren't satisfied with the results of their service, you can't get your money back. You can ask for revisions, but you are out the money you gave them.

You can quickly see that this is a mom and pop's store trying to make ends meet. And that is all fine and dandy. But if they are to be taken seriously, they shouldn't have left the footnote that the site was created by WordPress or the template they used for the site's design. If they can do all that they say they can as far as services, and then they should be able to manage their own site.

You can look at their blog to prove that they don't really have the skills to keep your business running if they can't even update their blog. The last post they made on their blog was September 8, 2016. Before that, they posted 14 different posts on August 6, 2016. And 30 different posts on August 5, 2016, to beef up the blog and make it look organic. But any blogger and business own knows that you have to spread out your posts to make them organic and keep the blog looking like it is active. The least they could have done is schedule their posts out throughout the course of the months itís been active.

It just goes to show that the devil really is in the details. Going over their site you will soon spot all the little things that make this site seem armature. Do yourself a favor and find another site that offers the same service for a lot less.

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