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Have you ever wanted to be able to really communicate with your customers? Sure you can go the traditional route and hunt down your clients on Facebook or other social media sites. But by the time you actually read what they are saying it is too late.

Your response time between what your customer experiences and what they share is crucial to making a real impression. That is where SocialRank Realtime comes into play.

What Is SocialRank Realtime?

With SocialRank Realtime you can jump in the game and turn the tables to go above and beyond their needs and wants.

Imagine if you will a customer who is dissatisfied with your brand for some reason or another. Instead of going through listings after listings to finally get to what they said a week later you were able to get to them right away.

You see, when you take control of a situation that is negative and are able to turn it around into something positive in the same day, people respond to your wellnesses.

Of course it doesn't just have to work for negative situations. Say your brand wants to promote a new product or special. What better way to do that than to get it out there quickly where people can see it and engage with it right away.

How Does SocialRank RealTime Work?

Imagine if you will a command center where you can see all the posts that are created about your brand. Not only your brand but also the needs and wants of potential clients and customers. Then with a flick of a switch you were able to help them out.

One of the main examples that are listed on the site is a message where “Hannah Collins” flight was delayed. There is an action button located on the tab that allows you to dispatch Uber. It is almost like the movie “Robots” where you see a need, fill a need.

That is how SocialRank Realtime works and how it can help your company make a lasting impression on real people in real time.

SocialRank RealTime Plans

Now that you have an idea of what SocialRank Realtime is and what it can do, you might be wondering about the price. You can sign up for a free demo account and give SocialRank a try. Or you can sign up with a “Basic” account for free as well.

The Basic account allows you to filter your followers in Twitter and Instagram. It also allows you to sort your followers and connect multiple account as well as view full follower profiles.

You can also sign up for the “Premium” account which includes everything in “Basic” but allows you to export to CVS and PDF. You can also save your searches, create lists and upload handles from a CVS file. Plus you can send DM campaigns and direct messages all for $49 a month.

Of course if you want to take it to the next level you can always go for the “Market Intel” plan. If you think you might need more than what is already listed, drop SocialRank a line and they will help you sort through which plan would best suit your business needs.

SocialRank RealTime Verdict

Let’s face it, when it comes to business and getting your brand and company in front of as many people as possible, you would do anything. Right now the social media site Facebook holds the lead to engaging customers and staying on top of social trends.

However, SocialRank Realtime is a huge game changer that should be seriously considered if you are looking to stand out of the crowd.

There really is no reason for you not to give SocialRank a try. After all, the site offers a free demo run that allows you to see all the bells and whistles that comes with the program. Or if you decide to go Premium that price is reasonably set at $49 a month.

Nowhere else will you find this kind of social engagement. So if you really want to upstage your competition and get ahead of the game you need SocialRank Realtime in your corner.

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