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Read this fast- Speed Blogging just launched two days ago and there's an overall sales contest that runs through July 20.  This is a quick launch with a bare minimum of pre-launch fanfare and a micro-short initial phase, during which the affiliate contest promises big wins.

But let's see how much of this rings true after investigating the company, the opportunity, and the product.

The Company

The domain speedblogging.com was registered ten years ago.  The Internet Archive Wayback Machine, however, has no record of this website.  Hmmm. Must have done a good job snatching that domain and turning it into exactly what it is meant to do – teach you how to blog faster, better, and more efficiently.

Chris Record, on the other hand of the domain history, is less of a mystery.

He's been hawking blog secrets for years now- his latest before SpeedBlogging was Dark Post Profits 2.0, a course he presented to would-be Facebook dominators who were willing to pay for his tutorials on how to make money with Facebook Ads.

Chris really started to get his industry recognition when he was involved with Empower Network. He presented on stage and would eventually be one of the internal masterminders for the Kalatu Premium blogging platform. He would continue to innovate in those spaces, coming out with products like Dark Post Profits and Smart Member…and now Speed Blogging.

The Product

For those who have the particular problem of spending four to five hours on a blog post, and who must sacrifice time spent with their families to keep their blogs going, Speed Blogging is Chris Record's answer (these are his words btw).

The product allows users to add content to blogs with just a few clicks of the mouse.  See a video you'd like on your blog?  Click and it's posted.  See an image in Pinterest?  A snippet from Facebook?  Click and post.  Or right click and post an entire screen shot.

Picking up on the popularity of “list posts” (“8 Things I Love About Direct Marketing” etc), the creators of this product cite its usefulness in creating such posts.  I guess you're supposed to grab snippets for your lists?

Of course the product does not write anything- it merely acts as a pick -n grab tool.  The time-saving element is the posting part: hook up your existing blogs and your snippets go right in- formatted nicely and everything…or so they say.  Chris Record himself admits that…

“Sure, there will be some bugs in the early days, and yes, it's near impossible to make it work perfectly on everyone's blogs, since we all use different themes and different plugins and different stylesheets.

Chris Record, founder of SpeedBlogging.com

That definitely instills confidence!

It costs $29.95 per month and is packaged up as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. There's a souped-up plan that costs about $50 per month but it does't include any better or more features- just bundled software.  Then, there's a $97 5-week SEO Bootcamp and some recordings.  Only the Speed Blogger product is described in any detail on the SpeedBlogger.com website.

The Compensation Plan

The first thing that matters is that the subscription is offered as a $1 trial for 7 days, payable via PayPal, which will automatically bill your customers the full $29.95 after that trial period is over.

There's a collection of bonus pools you get to enter if you sell enough of the $1 trials who don't cancel: for every 100 non-cancelling trials you sell, you are entered in another $10,000 bonus pool.  These will be paid out by August 20, 2015 (hence the need to hurry if you think this opportunity speaks to you).

They offer 50% commission and residual income which they claim can amount to up to $500 per year per customer.  Alas, the program is so new, that's all I have to report on the business opportunity.

The Verdict

The product is expensive: that's the main problem with SpeedBlogging.  While the dollar trial offer takes the bite out of the high price, it still doesn't bode will for longevity.  Thirty bucks a month to copy snippets and media to my blogs- yes that's going to speed up my blog posting by incredible leaps and bounds but to what end?  After Penguin aren't we all supposed to be concerned about quality content?  What's the value in this product, which is essentially a “re-tweeting” program for your browser?  It's handy but it should be way cheaper, if not free.

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