speed feeder

Speed Feeder is a “money multiplier” program that purports to provide a return on investment (ROI) of $1950 on a $100 investment.

What Is Speed Feeder?

Speed Feeder is the brainchild of Clay Montgomery, which matches the registration information. Montgomery has been involved in internet marketing and particularly MLM for some time, having most recently created the MLM businesses “Digital Altitude” and “Exitus Elite.”

Montgomery claims that has created Speed Feeder for individuals who were interested in  his programs but didn't have the financial wherewithal to invest in his more high-ticket businesses. Speed Feeder aids these individuals, he says, through the co-called money multiplier program.

In addition to his current and most recent endeavors, Montgomery has also been involved in older MLM schemes such as Empower Network, My Advertising Pays, and Infinity2Global. Some of these schemes have been either exposed as scams or accused of being such.

The Product

There's no discernible product associated with Speed Feeder.

There is a “digital library” of titles that Speed Feeder participants receive access to, but this is not the main selling point of membership and, since no examples of the sort of content that is hidden behind the $100 investment pay wall, there's no way to determine the value of this add-on.

The Opportunity

The entirety of Speed Feeder's success relies on marketing affiliate memberships to others in a classic MLM format. The program incorporates the use of a three-tier 2×3 matrix cycler, with payouts dependent on what tier of the cycler affiliates graduate through.

For a $100 entry fee, the Stage 1 of the Matrix actually yields no commission, simply cycling you into Stage 2. This second stage provides a $100 commission, creates a new Stage 1 position and cycles you to stage 3.

Finally, the Stage 3 cycle pays out $1850 in commissions and generates yet another Stage 1 position.

Recruited affiliates that cycle out of Stage 2 generates a 100% referral commission of $100. Affiliates that cycle out of Stage 3 generate the $1850 commission.

Speed Feeder Verdict

Who benefits the most from Speed Feeder? Let's break it down.

An affiliate who invests their $100 in hope of their $1950 ROI must earn that amount by recruiting new affiliates, all of whom invest their own $100.

Because of the way Speed Feeder's matrix cycler is constructed, it takes around 39 downline recruits to generate that full ROI, as it's exclusively funded by subsequent investments.

This means, briefly, that without you bringing in a horde of recruits, you'll never get your promised ROI.

This also means that anyone you bring in under you will not see their own ROI unless they pull in their own small army of recruits as well, and so on ad infinitum until you reach that saturation point where no one is interested in joining the program.

This point will come – it's inevitable. The only people who will get their full ROI will be those who were early adopters – or Clay Montgomery, since he's at the head of the pyramid as the creator of the program.

Everyone's feeding him, and he'll get what he wants out of the program (more of your money) without a care for anyone who comes in at the very last minute, pays their $100, and then can't find enough recruits themselves to get their own ROI. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Making matters worse, Speed Feeder has no refund policy. That means you can't even get your $100 if you wanted to. It's just gone, forever. Montgomery will be moving on to the next MLM opportunity that he's involved in. You, however, will be left high and dry.

We can't recommend Speed Feeder at this time. If you happen to get in on the ground floor and secure yourself an early slot, you might be able to eke out an initial $1950 ROI, especially if you have a large network of individuals to market the affiliate membership to.

It's probably only going to be a one-shot deal, and you could end up burning bridges doing so. Fair warning.

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