speed wealth system

The Speed Wealth Commission System – or simply Speed Wealth for short – is an affiliate sales marketing tools and education resource that promises it will provide everything someone needs to become an internet marketing powerhouse thanks to the power of a so-called “ascending sales funnel” developed by the system’s founder.

What Is Speed Wealth?

Speed Wealth is the creation of Matthew Neer, an online marketer that has a bit of a checkered history when it comes to previous products similar to this one. In fact, Neer has, either by himself or with business partners, promoted several marketing tool packages that have been met with derision and scam accusations. These other products include 5K Formula System, Operation 10K, Fanpage Cashflow, and others.

This does not bode well for Speed Wealth. We’ll discuss, in more detail below, why this product may be a poor choice for you.

Speed Wealth Product

Purchasing access to Speed Wealth, which costs $47 initially and then just under $20 a month to maintain your membership, purportedly provides you with access to Matthew Neer’s “ascending sales funnel,” an internet marketing system that has earned him a seven-figure income and, to judge by the images associating Neer’s sales pitch, has bankrolled an extravagant, globe-trotting lifestyle.

This system includes “done for you” services that supposedly doesn’t require any selling, any MLM activity, no knowledge of SEO marketing, no social media marketing on Facebook, or any other similar marketing tactics. It is, instead, an “automated” sales funnel system that includes access to pre-created landing page templates, training videos, integrated commission tracking links and payment systems, and other buzzwords.

The product is sold through ClickBank, which makes it eligible for the payment processor’s 60-day money back guarantee. However, this doesn’t cover the $20 monthly fee – or the many, many upsells that new members will be presented with upon signing up for “just $47.”

Speed Wealth Opportunity

Unsurprisingly, Neer also offers an affiliate marketing opportunity for anyone willing to promote Speed Wealth for a commission. At a 50% commission rate, and taking into account the many upsells, marketers promoting Speed Wealth can earn more than $250 per sale as a result.

Additionally, thanks to the $20 recurring membership fee, affiliates can also earn recurring commissions on any referred customers who maintain their membership from month-to-month.

Speed Wealth Verdict

Most independent review sites have classified Neer’s products and services are barely worth the money, citing poor-quality “done for you” content and training that is often locked away behind an upsell.  The actual training and tools haven’t lived up to the hype when it comes to other Matthew Neer projects in the past, and we don’t doubt that it will be the same way with Speed Wealth.

Ironically, you’ll likely make more money as an affiliate for Speed Wealth than you will as a paying customer. This will, of course, require marketing the product to unwitting dupes who think they’re going to strike it rich after paying “just $47,” only to be presented with up to $500 in upsells plus a recurring $20 monthly fee for the privilege of learning the secrets of how to over-promise and under-deliver.

If you’re fine with doing that on an ethical level, feel free to market Speed Wealth. If that doesn’t sit well with you – and it probably shouldn’t – you should likely look for a different opportunity somewhere else.

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