split commission system

Split Commission System is a line of online business training and education materials, available at four different tiers and price points, that provides information fro budding internet entrepreneurs. Split Commission claims to have gained more than 16,000 members since its worldwide launch in July of 2017.

About Split Commission

Split Commission System is a service of Funnels on Demand, a company that creates and markets custom sales funnel software for its customers. Funnels on Demand is headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, but its listed address is a UPS Store in a strip mall. This makes it unlikely that Funnels on Demand has a legitimate physical office space somewhere.

Additionally, Funnels on Demand does not list any owners or operators. Split Commissions' Facebook group, which has nearly 350 members, does list two individuals as administrators – Eric Greene and Dale Payne Sizer – but only Sizer lives close to Pottstown, as Greene lists his location as Phoenix, Arizona. This makes it more likely that Sizer is involved personally in the day-to-day running of Funnels on Demand in some capacity.

This makes it more likely that Sizer is involved personally in the day-to-day running of Funnels on Demand in some capacity. This is made more obvious by the fact that Sizer has advertised MLM and affiliate marketing schemes, such as High Ticket Income System, on his Facebook profile in the past

The Split Commission System Packages

Split Commission has four different tiers of educational materials, all of which have different price points.

Starter Level

The Starter level is a $25 a month subscription that provides training entitled 3 Keys Every Successful Online Business Must Have and 4 Steps to Getting Unstuck in Your Business. There are also weekly live mastermind calls that students are encouraged to attend.

Basic Level

Basic level training is $100 a month and includes training called Mastering Your Social Media and Mastering Connections and How to Sell without Selling. This tier also includes a weekly mastermind call.

Advanced Level

The Advanced level is a $250 one-time fee and provides training entitled 3 Things You Need to Know Before You Build Your Brand, How To Create Engaging Graphics without Being a Graphic Designer, and 5 Components to an Epic Sales Funnel. There's no included webinar on this level.

Elite Level

Finally, the Elite level of membership is a $500 one-time fee and offers training on Intro to Lead Generation and List Building, Email Marketing Like a Boss,
CopyWriting Secrets, and How to Create Endless Content Over and Over. There's no webinar included on this level either.

There's no information regarding whether purchasing access to higher-tier educational content provides access to those on the lower tiers.

The Split Commission Opportunity

Split Commission provides opportunities to anyone interested in learning the tricks of the trade when it comes to creating and maintaining an online marketing business. Because of the wide range of education and training that Split Commission, the program has something to offer for novices as well as advanced marketers.

Final Verdict On Split Commission System

We don't have much in the way of information on Funnels on Demand, Split Commission's parent company. This is both a good thing – there's no negative press – and a bad thing – no positive press. It makes it difficult to evaluate whether the information Funnels on Demand provides to Split Commission students is useful or not.

However, the barrier to entry for the company's Starter level – at just $25 a month – is low enough to warrant spending a month giving it a test ride. Those interested are encouraged to check it out and make their own determinations as to whether the information Split Commission has is useful, or if the program is simply a thinly-veiled sales funnel for more expensive Funnels on Demand products and services. You be the judge.

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