Sports Profit System Review

Sports Profit System is a sports prediction and analysis system that promises to help you make more money through sports betting. Here’s our Sports Profit System review.

What is Sports Profit System?

Sports Profit System is a sports prediction and analysis system that claims to help you “stop gambling” and “start investing” when you bet on sports.

Some of the advantages of signing up for Sports Profit System include:

— Insight and analysis across multiple sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, CFB, CBB, and international soccer)

— Winning picks at an affordable price (costs around $200 per month)

— Safe and simple to follow

— iPhone and Android apps

— “100% verified results”

Basically, the idea is that Sports Profit System helps you take calculated risks in sports betting, then reap the rewards. Instead of making high risk, high reward bets, Sports Profit System identifies the best-value picks on any given night. These picks offer the best combination of safe outcomes with decent payouts.

SPS doesn’t promise to help you get rich quick overnight – but by taking a safer, long-term approach to gambling, you can gradually build your investment over a long period of time.

How Does Sports Profit System Work?

You sign up for Sports Profit System and then look at their analysis of various weekly matchups. Picks are posted daily in the members section. You can choose to follow the picks every day or only pick certain days.

Where Sports Profit System differs from its competition is its transparency: Sports Profit System accompanies most predictions with a huge essay-like write-up. These write-ups discuss the full reasoning behind a particular pick.

The site actually publishes examples of its essay-like write-ups. You can see one recent write-up here. That write-up includes two predictions (one for the MLB playoffs and another for an NFL game). Both picks are accompanied by 5 to 7 paragraphs of evidence.

Instead of trusting your gut when it comes to sports betting, Sports Profit System lets you base your betting on real, concrete evidence and research. Sports will always be unpredictable – but using certain analysis, you can boost your likelihood of guessing the correct outcome.

This transparency is rare in the sports betting world. What you see is what you get when it comes to Sports Profit System. There are no different packages or tiers: just one monthly rate for complete access to the service.

Sports Profit System Picks

Sports Profit System is famous for its transparency. At this page, you can track the system’s performance over the past year. That page features the predictions for various games across all sports as well as the win/loss ratio.

You can see sections where the system has won multiple games in a row or has dominated a certain weekend. According to the chart, betters who had bet $100 on every recommended Sports Profit System game thus far this year would have made $9,710 in profit.

To take that transparency even further, Sports Profit System actually doesn’t even track its prediction on its own. As the site explains,

“All picks are submitted to, tracked and verified by an independent 3rd party handicapping monitor.”

Sometimes, SPS will release three picks in one day. Other days, there will only be one pick. The site explains why in its FAQ section:

“Keep in mind that our only goal is to profit and “forcing plays” is something we never do. SPS has always believed in quality over quantity since intelligent investing is all about being selective and this has brought us great success year after year!”

Picks are posted daily in the Members Area at 2:00PM ET from Monday to Friday and at 11:00am ET on Saturday and Sunday.

The site claims to bet “big money on every game” that it sends out, which means that the creators of the system win and lose with its clients.

The Free Sports Profit System Apps

Sports Profit System recently released aps for both iOS and Android. Both apps are free to download and use. The apps actually provide one free pick per week. If you’re a paying member, then you can access your account through the app and view more picks.

How Much Does Sports Profit System Cost?

Sports Profit System is available at daily, monthly, and annual rates. Here’s how much you can expect to pay:

-1 Day Access: $48.95 (Includes expert analysis and premium picks for the day)

-Monthly Access: $198.95 (Includes expert analysis, the SPS Bankroll System, and premium picks for NFL, NBA, NCAA Football, and NCAA Basketball)

-6 Month Access: $598.95 (Includes expert analysis, the SPS Bankroll System, and premium picks for NFL, NBA, NCAA Football, and NCAA Basketball)

-12 Month Access: $998.95 (Includes expert analysis, the SPS Bankroll System, and premium picks for NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA Football, and NCAA Basketball)

You can pay via VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal. All payments are processed through Clickbank.

About Sports Profit System

Sports Profit System is made by a company called Sports Profit System LTD. The company can be contacted via toll-free phone number at 1-866-491-0259 or by email at

Who Should Join Sports Profit System?

You may have seen the advertisements for Sports Profit System on the internet. They say things like “Texas dad makes $8400 per month betting on sports.” Profits like this are unlikely when using Sports Profit System.

However, if you’re looking for a consistently reliable and surprisingly transparent sports betting prediction service, Sports Profit System is an excellent choice.

No sports system in the world makes 100% picks every week. But Sports Profit System seems to strike at around 60% or higher. In 2012, for example, the system had a 61.7% win rate.

Unlike other sports betting systems, it’s not about short-term gains, but long-term profits. By betting on the safest odds week after week and following the picks on Sports Profit System, you can consistently grow your investment over time.

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