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Stack My Bits is a cash gifting scheme, making exclusive use of the Bitcoin digital currency (BTC), and focuses on affiliate membership recruiting to create income. Here’s our Stack My Bits review.

What Is Stack My Bits?

Stack My Bits is a website that has organized and is orchestrating what is called a “cash gifting” scheme. To become a member of the website, you pay a small cash donation to the individual who sponsors your membership. You then receive payments from those you sponsor in turn.

How Stack My Bits Works

The Stack My Bits cash gifting scheme works on what’s called a 2×10 matrix.  This places you at the top of a new matrix that must be filled by recruitment activity in order for you to earn commissions.

Each of the 10 tiers of the Stack My Bits matrix has 2 open spots to be filled. Buying your spot in the program costs 0.002 BTC, and filing your first tier with two recruits entitles you to 0.002 BTC from each of your recruits.

As you fill each tier, you can progress to the next matrix level under your current level by “gifting” your sponsor again.

These cash gifts keep growing in value, as does the amount you receive in return; eventually, the bottom tier of the matrix would see you gifting 0.004 BTC to your sponsor and then receiving 0.004 BTC from every single individual in your 2×10 matrix – 8192 affiliates.

That's around 30 bitcoin. Depending on exchange rates, that could be worth well over $30,000 USD.

Who Makes Stack My Bits?

There’s no info on the Stack My Bits website as to who runs the program. This is typical of cash gifting schemes, as nobody wants to be the one holding the bag when scams of this nature inevitably collapse (more on that later).

Checking the website registration for Stack My Bits reveals that the website owner’s name is one Optimus Dale, which we knew was almost certainly a fake name. A quick google search found Optimus Dale’s actual name: Sherm Mason, from Arkansas.

Mason turns out to have long history of working over the internet as an affiliate marketer and being involved in several different schemes that bear a striking resemblance to Stack My Bits.

More than a dozen such cash gifting schemes over a period of two years have been connected to Mason, which leaves us feeling that he’s been a serial affiliate marketing scammer for some time now.

Stack My Bits Materials

Anyone who enrolls in Stack My Bits gets absolutely nothing of any material value, as the entire system exists online. If you’re lucky, you might get some Bitcoin out of the deal – which will hopefully be equal to or more than what you put into the system. But don’t count on it.

Stack My Bits Pricing

Joining Stack My Bits is just 0.002 BTC. However, each tier you progress requires additional ballooning payments, inflating the cost significantly. This is only offset if the recruits under you manage to actually pay you through their own gifts.

Stack My Bits Reviews

Stack My Bits has been ripped apart on a number of review sites for being a blatant cash gifting scam. This is no surprise here, considering the site owner’s pedigree and history.


  • You Might Make Some Cash – If you happen to be a very early adopter, you might make a little cash from Stack My Bits. However, you’ll always be stuck paying up into the sky, as you’ll never be the top of the heap.


  • Unsustainable Growth Strategy – Stack My Bits only works if there is constant recruitment. Your two recruits have to find two people of their own to rope into the program, and those recruits have to find two people of their own to market the affiliate membership to in turn, and so on and so forth. If the chain breaks anywhere, you’ll never reach that tier 10 payout.

Should You Invest In Stack My Bits?

Even a blind man can see that getting involved with Stack My Bits is a bad idea.

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