Starbit International is a new multilevel marketing company that promises to leverage the potential of blockchain technology. Find out everything you need to know about Starbit International today in our review.

What Is Starbit International?

Starbit International describes itself as “the blockchain industry’s biggest opportunity”. The multilevel marketing company wants to help you make money by advertising the benefits of blockchain technology. Key products include an online blockchain educational course and an AI system that helps you understand the world of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology, for those unaware, is the platform powering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s a secure, decentralized system that will undoubtedly change the world of finance – in fact, it already has changed the world of finance.

Right now, the Starbit International website is a bit of a mess. It’s filled with poorly-worded English, and you’re forced to listen to an unskippable audio presentation as the website loads.

Here is the word-for-word description Starbit International uses to convince you to join their company on

“Moreover, if you like, you can become a promoter of this global opportunity that add the customer as core of every operation. A customer to pumper, to cuddle and satisfy every day. All club members benefit of 1000 cares because together we will discover new horizons searching for knowledge and market niches nobody disclose.”

As you can see, there are some serious problems with the wording of that statement.

The website is also filled with awkward stock photos of random people, with claims that these people are members of the company.

Let’s sort through all of this mess to take a closer look at what Starbit is, and what the company plans to sell.

What Does Starbit International Sell?

One of Starbit International’s core products is a free online course that allows ordinary people to learn more about the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Your membership also gives you access to a software that can work with multiple operating systems and multiple altcoins on the internet (altcoins, as you may already know, are any cryptocurrencies that aren’t Bitcoin).

In addition to these products, Starbit International wants to distribute other “digital services”, although further information about these services isn’t currently available.

How does all of this tie into the world of network marketing? Starbit International wants to reward members who promote blockchain information packs and the “unique digital services” offered by the company.

The company claims that its members will have 10 different ways to earn money, along with one unique binary balanced system that uses a special algorithm and rewards promoters based on the double sales volume generated by the weaker team.

Starbit International & Centurion

Starbit International frequently mentions a cryptocurrency called Centurion. Centurion, like many other altcoins, bases itself off bitcoin – but offers unique benefits over the world’s best-known cryptocurrency.

Centurion can process and confirm transactions in under 6 minutes, for example, and the cryptocurrency’s blockchain blocks have a size of 2MB – twice the 1MB size of Bitcoin’s blocks.

Centurion can already be found listed on exchanges across the internet. It was created by a third party. It’s unclear how that third party is connected to Starbit International. However, you can find the Centurion whitepaper describing the technology on their website.

Starbit International & Brutus

One of the flagship products offered by Starbit International at this point is called Brutus.

Brutus appears to be a type of software specializing in altcoins. The company describes it as an “artificial intelligence” system. One MLM website describes how it will “transform blockchain theory into practice”.

Brutus currently works with several popular exchanges – including Poloniex – to provide greater insight into global altcoin markets.

Who Created Starbit International?

Starbit International appears to be led by CSO Luana Sicari – or at least, she’s the only company employee featured in a company writeup.

Meanwhile, the official Starbit International website describes the company as “a team of experts in various areas ready to support the community, with over twenty years experience on financial management, administration, sales and technological innovations.”

Yes, that’s the word-for-word description of the company’s employees on the official website.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Starbit International?

Starbit International appears to be free to join at this time. It’s possible that Starbit International offers the initial online education course for free and then pushes users into a membership after they complete the education program.

However, we have no further information about Starbit International’s ranks, membership packages, or membership fees at this time.

Starbit International Verdict

Starbit International’s online presence is all over the place at the moment. There’s very little information on the website, and the information that is available is poorly-worded and virtually impossible to understand. Clearly, Starbit International is in the early stages of launch.

Based on what we can see online, Starbit International is a multilevel marketing company that is aiming to capitalize on the recent popularity of altcoins and blockchain technology. Stay tuned for more information about the company as it continues to roll out.

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