StarsDraft is a daily fantasy sports website that promises to let you win real cash prizes with no deposits and no risk. Here’s how StarsDraft works.

What Is StarsDraft?

StarsDraft is yet another daily fantasy sports website. You can join tournaments for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA contests.

The site is operated by the same company that runs Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker. They’re a publically traded company called Amaya.

With over $9 million in total payouts to date, StarsDraft has attracted a fair number of players despite its young age.

Like most DFS sites that aren’t named DraftKings or FanDuel, StarsDraft has a way to differentiate itself from the competition: the site promises to give away more free money than its competitors. To date, the site has awarded $1,362,000 in free cash.

How does the free cash thing work? Well, the site doesn’t require a deposit when you sign up. There’s no need to enter your credit card data or any payment information: you just sign up and start playing. You have an opportunity to win up to $15 in free cash without ever entering payment data.

There’s one major restriction with StarsDraft, as you’ll learn at the bottom of this StarsDraft review, the site recently restricted membership to residents of only four states: New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Kansas.

How Does StarsDraft Work?

StarsDraft works in a similar way to other fantasy sports website. You can enter daily or weekly contests in fantasy football, basketball, baseball, golf, or hockey. Draft a new roster every day. Then, watch your team climb the leaderboard.

The points and roster scoring systems are identical to other fantasy sports websites. In football, you have 9 players (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FX, FX, D) and a $50,000 salary cap.

Don’t want to choose your team manually? Having trouble filling out the cheaper players on your roster? StarsDraft also has a Victron Lineup Generator that lets you create a lineup based on your favorite football statistic.

StarsDraft is also famous for its live action tracker. Instead of just sitting at your computer refreshing all day, StarsDraft lets you keep track of everything in live action. You can see how many yards or receptions a receiver has, for example, as well as their constantly-updated fantasy football points.

Stats are provided by a company called Stats LLC.

Types of Games Available Through StarsDraft

StarsDraft offers a few different types of contests for beginners and experts. Those contests include:

-Guaranteed: Guaranteed prize pools (GPPs) pay out a guaranteed amount of money to pool participants regardless of how many participants join.

-Standard: Standard contests give higher winnings to higher placed players.

-Double Up: Double up require you to finish in the top 50% of the pool to win money. The top 50% of pool participants are all awarded an equal share of the prize money.

-Heads Up: Take on a single opponent.

-Satellite: These contests give you free entry into larger tournaments and pools with higher cash winnings.

-Multi-Entry: Enter the same lineup into the pool multiple types of enter multiple lineups to maximize your chances of winning.

-Multi-Entry Unique: You can enter multiple times, but you’re required to submit a unique lineup with each entry.

How to Join StarsDraft

You can join StarsDraft for free or pay a deposit immediately.

If you join for free, you won’t be able to compete against other players. Instead, you receive 5 free “Bankroll Builder” entry tickets that let you play against the computer for a chance to win $15.

You enter specific Bankroll Builder contests from the main lobby. Bankroll builder contests are available across all the sports.

If you win, you win a maximum of $15. That may not sound like a lot, but don’t forget that’s free cash that you did not have to deposit. And as mentioned above, StarsDraft has given out over $1 million of this free cash so far.

If you decide to deposit cash, then you can gain a bonus worth up to $250: StarsDraft matches your deposit dollar for dollar up to a $250 limit (but only on your first deposit).

StarsDraft was initially legal across the United States and Canada with the exception of the usual states (Louisiana, Arizona, Iowa, Montana, Washington, Nevada). However, as you’ll learn below, that all changed in October 2015.

Update for October, 2015: Only Players from KS, MA, MD, and NJ Allowed to Play StarsDraft

StarsDraft made a shocking announcement on October 19, 2015. The company announced on Twitter that it would no longer accept players from across the United States and Canada.

Instead, the company now restricts membership only to residents of Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, and New Jersey.

If you’re physically located within those states, then you’re good to play. If not, then you’ll need to join another site. StarsDraft made that decision because of its views towards the regulatory framework in other states. Specifically, StarsDraft doesn’t seem to think that fantasy sports will be legal much longer in other parts of America.

After announcing that decision, the company removed minimum withdrawal amounts, allowing all players from outside the four states listed above to withdraw any earned funds.

We’ll update this article if StarsDraft changes its stance at any point in the future.

About StarsDraft

StarsDraft is based in Austin, Texas. At the company’s About page, they claim to be “a team of developers, designers, and thinkers that are passionate about building the best daily fantasy sports website possible.”

StarsDraft is a subsidiary of Amaya, which is a publically-traded company responsible for major brands like PokerStars and Full Tilt.

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