Start My Cash is a referral-based income opportunity that pays affiliates whenever they refer someone to follow their affiliate link.

What Is StartMyCash?

There is absolutely zero information on the Start My Cash website that would reveal who’s behind this company. The site’s registration is also no help, as the site was registered through a private domain name registration service.

The only information we do have about Start My Cash is that it was founded in August of 2017. Additionally, nearly 50% of its traffic comes from the United States according to Alexa traffic statistics, making it likely that the website is at least headquartered somewhere in the US.

StartMyCash Product

There’s no real “product” associated with Start My Cash. Instead, the only activity is to register for a free account and then begin to market your referral link in order to earn money.

StartMyCash Opportunity

According to the Start My Cash website, members can earn $5 USD every time an individual follows their referral link. Members also earn a $5 bonus for signing up.

Referrals are paid out once a month, with a minimum of $300 to be eligible for payout. Start My Cash pays out through PayPal, bank transfer, MoneyGram, or Bitcoin payment.

StartMyCash Verdict

Start My Cash sounds like a foolproof, easy way to make extra cash on the side – just share a link on social media and watch the cash roll in as people click through. Well, it certainly sounds easy, but there are too many unanswered questions about Start My Cash.

First, how does the company make any money? Start My Cash supposedly pays out $5 every time an affiliate link is clicked, but where does that money come from? Is the company involved in marketing specific websites and services? Are they receiving income from third party companies to promote these websites? What types of sites are on the other end of these referral links?

Secondly, we have no idea who’s behind Start My Cash. Schemes like this don’t just run themselves – there’s got to be someone pulling the strings, yet there’s no way to identify who’s organizing things behind the curtain. We don’t like doing business with complete and anonymous strangers, as its just inherently dangerous.

Finally, where’s the proof that Start My Cash even pays out on its obligations? There doesn’t seem to be any records of users making their minimum $300 payouts, at least none that we were able to find. It could be that affiliates are doing Start My Cash’s dirty work and then not getting compensated, which would mean the company is cheating them out of their promised referral income.

Whatever the reason, we don’t feel comfortable recommending Start My Cash as an income opportunity. While it seems like a straightforward affiliate program, there are too many unknowns that make us feel that there’s something not quite right with this program. We exercise extreme caution if you decide to become involved with this company and whoever is actually running it behind the scenes.

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