sunmoney network

SunMoney Network is a multilevel marketing plan that is linked to solar panels and selling electricity.

The Company

The site was launched November 2014 by Dr. Toth Levente. Dr. Levente is the General Manager according to Sun Money Network. According to, the site's location is based out of Budapest. When investigating Dr. Levente, you will find him on LinkedIn and see that he is a Doctor of Law.

You will also find on his LinkedIn page that he owns and operates a tourist apartment company in Hungary.

Other than what you find on LinkedIn, there isn't much more information found on Dr. Levente. It appears that he has a good head on his shoulders and so he wanted to start a new business venture with SunMoney Network.

SunMoney Network is also partners with Radalko Technologies LTD which is a group of international investors.

The Product

SunMoney Network doesn't offer any products. You can, however, sign up as an affiliate and promote the company's membership plan.

What is interesting though is that the site claims that the money that comes from selling electricity to undisclosed companies.

The Opportunity

Here is where you can start making extra cash with SunMoney Network. When you sign up, you are required to pay for your affiliate package. There are six packages that will earn you cash.

You start with the “Mini Package” that costs you 30 EUR. The site mentions how you can turn the 30 EUR into 150 EUR within the month. The next package is the “Basic” plan which will cost 150 EUR that can lead to 500 EUR for the month. Next, is the “Silver” package plan that requires you to invest 500 EUR to gain 1000 EUR per month.

You then have the “Gold” plan that costs 1,000 EUR, and you will gain 2,000 EUR. Then there is the “Platinum” which has you investing 2,000 EUR to gain 10,000 EUR. Finally, you have the “VIP” plan that costs, 10,000 with the ability to earn 15,000 EUR a month.

Another route you can take to make money with SunMoney Network is by recruiting members. You are paid 10% commissions on whichever package plan your new affiliate signs up under. It is important to note, though, you are required to reinvest 20% of your commission back into the company. This, of course, makes sense why the plans are for the exact amount to level you up within the enterprise.

Also, you should know that the “Mini” package doesn't allow you to join in on the business opportunity or earn you any commissions. So if you are looking for a way to make cash, you are going to have to spend it first.

The Verdict

There are a lot of holes in this company's business plan. The fact that they don't state who the investors are behind the funds should make you wonder if this company is legit.

When you go through the site, you can tell right away that English isn't their native tongue. There are far too many mistakes that make it look unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Another thing that is interesting is how you need an invitation to sign up. If you want to get involved and you don't have a sponsor, you will need to email the company and request a sponsored link.

You should also know that if SunMoney Network is getting money from their unknown investors who are purchasing electricity, why have affiliates sign up and promote the business?

There are just too many things that just don't add up with this site. If you are thinking about joining, do so at your risk. The fact that they make it nearly impossible to get paid out will turn off many people. The payout process is a long, tedious process with far too many people and paperwork involved ever to see a dime. The site goes into great detail as to how you get paid. However, there isn't a specific time or date. You have to request payout which makes the process overwhelming and not worth the headache. The best thing for you to do is stay away. Find another opportunity elsewhere.

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