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The Super Affiliate Network – or simply SAN for brevity’s sake – is, appropriately enough – an affiliate network marketing opportunity. The program focuses on two things: training members to be affiliate marketers, and then marketing the SAN opportunity itself.

What Is Super Affiliate Network?

SAN was founded by entrepreneur Misha Wilson, an American network marketer from Hawaii who has been involved in the affiliate networking industry from a young age. Wilson has had many successes in his own network marketing endeavors, which inspired him to create SAN in order to pass on the knowledge and information that enabled him to become a highly successful marketer in his own right.

Super Affiliate Network Product

The actual product line for SAN is hard to describe, as the ultimate goal of any member of the affiliate network is to recruit others who will, in turn, market the affiliate network in and of itself. That being said, there are several different types of training and education materials that are made available to SAN affiliates.

Marketing training focuses on three main areas: marketing high-ticket products, email marketing, and solo ads. We found this a bit odd considering that some of the most effective marketing methods – website building and SEO marketing – are not included in the training program. This may be due to some “done for you” products that are provided to high-level affiliates.

The training portion consists of three one-week video training courses, each devoted to one of those three topics. These videos are accompanied by weekly live webinars that provide opportunities to ask questions and receive coaching, sometimes from Misha Wilson himself.

Joining SAN is relatively inexpensive – either $37 a month or $1 for a trial month and then $47 a month thereafter.

There are several different tiers of membership when it comes to joining SAN, but the core “product” of this three-week training course is a constant across all tiers. Instead, the various membership levels – and their costs – are detailed below, as they are linked directly to the business opportunity behind SAN.

Super Affiliate Network Opportunity

The entire premise behind SAN – after attending the three-week core course – is to take what you’ve learned and then use these new skills and this new knowledge to market and promote SAN as a business opportunity to others. In exchange, those who join SAN through you provide commission-based income for you, dependent on how far you have personally progressed.

The affiliate levels, and their membership costs, are as follows:

  • Basic: $37 per month, or $1 for the first month and $47 thereafter
  • Annual Membership: an additional $297 per year
  • Pro Membership: an additional $2,497 per year
  • Maui Intensive Membership: a one-time $9,997 fee

A Basic affiliate, coming at either the $37 or $1/$47 level, receive 100% commissions on any front-end sales they make for new base-level affiliates. They also receive 50% commissions on Annual membership sales and sales of the Solo Ad Success Formula, a “done for you” sales funnel provided by SAN. Affiliates also receive 5% on all sales from personally referred partners.

Annual membership holders receive all the benefits of a Basic affiliate but upgrade their commission rates to 100% on Annual Membership sales and Solo Ad Success Formula sales.

Pro members have membership benefits identical to Annual members except that they further upgrade their commission rates, earning 40% on Pro Membership sales and 20% commissions on all personally referred business. Additionally, Pro members receive a one-time bonus of $500 when a personally-recruited Pro member recruits their own Pro member in turn.

Finally, members who purchase the Maui Intensive Membership affiliate tier receive $3,000 commission payments whenever they resell their own membership level to others. They also receive a trip to Maui, Hawaii, in order to receive a “one-on-one” intensive training session for several days. This is, of course, in addition to the benefits available to a Pro member.

There are several different ancillary programs designed by SAN that are intended to support you as an affiliate. These programs, such as the Solo Ad Success Formula, are usually provided to affiliates as they work their way up the food chain.

Super Affiliate Network Verdict

SAN isn’t exactly what we’d call a scam. It’s a real company, run by real people, and you’re provided a real business opportunity. However, that isn’t to say that we don’t have quite a few problems with its business model.

First, while initial entry into SAN is very affordable – a maximum of $47 a month isn’t going to break anyone’s bank – in order to access the top commission rates for its products and services an affiliate has to invest heavily in some very expensive membership tiers. Anything above the $297 annual membership is quite pricey, and is venturing into pay-to-play territory as far as we’re concerned.

Secondly, and the biggest problem we have with SAN, is that the company is in the business of training people to sell the business to others. There’s no real product or service here that’s being marketed; while you can make the case that the “core training” provides transferable skills that can be used by any affiliate to build their own business, with the biggest opportunities being reserved for those who promote the company directly it’s obvious where the focus – and the intent – of SAN lies.

This pushes SAN dangerously close to pyramid scheme territory. Getting commissions to recruit people who then in turn get commissions to recruit new people without actually providing a product or a service that can exist successfully outside of the SAN environment means that, eventually, you’re going to run out of people who are interested in buying into the company.

Once the saturation point for SAN membership is reached, recruitment of new affiliates will drop off – and with no real other product to promote, the ability to earn commissions by selling SAN will begin to crumble and essentially grind to a halt.

Besides, do you really want to pay $10 grand for a three-day trip to Maui? We’re sure the weather’s nice, but not that nice.

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