Super Matrix is a strange amalgam of an ad credit sales website and a cash gifting scheme, tied together through payments made with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC).

What Is Super Matrix?

The Super Matrix site itself has no information regarding who runs the company.

Likewise, the site's registration reveals nothing either, thanks to the private domain name registration occluding the name and contact information of whoever registered Super Matrix.

In fact, the only information we have is that the site itself was registered on October 9, 2016.

However, when looking deeper at the content of the website, other independent review sites have pointed out that at one time it was an exact copy of content from a now-defunct Bitcoin-based cash gifting scheme that was known as LifeBTC.

The content has since been altered, but screenshots dated to just after Super Matrix's launch matched LifeBTC's content.

Unsurprisingly, LifeBTC launched on October 4, 2016 and closed down on October 8, 2016 – which is obviously more than a coincidence; it's a fair bet that LifeBTC has been re-branded as Super Matrix.

The identities of those who ran LifeBTC, judging from the admins of the company's Facebook page, are Swoyam Jit Singh, Karen L Creasey and Robin D. Silva, though there's no way to know for sure if they're involved in Super Matrix as well.

However, other evidence gathered from Facebook reveals that the admin for Super Matrix is Luis Castillo, as he was found in a Facebook post to be promoting the Super Matrix site directly.

Super Matrix Product

Super Matrix sells “ad credits,” enabling anyone who joins the program's cash gifting scheme to post ads on the Super Matrix website.

However, since the cash for each sale goes to the individual who sponsors a new member, it's not as if this money is going directly to Super Matrix.

It's obvious Super Matrix added this ad credit functionality to avoid being classified as a cash gifting scam; however, this is a rather tattered fig leaf that does little to nothing to occlude the fact the company is what it is.

Super Matrix Opportunity

Here's the “opportunity” presented by Super Matrix: you join the company by paying a 0.06 BTC fee to the person who recruited you.

Doing this puts you at the top of a 2×4 forced matrix. Once you do so, you're entitled to recruit two affiliates of your own, each of which pays you 0.06 BTC in turn.

In order to continue to keep receiving cash gifts from your affiliates, you must continue to pay gifts up the line to your own sponsor. Levels two through four of the matrix require the following:

  • level 2: gift 0.1 BTC to receive 0.1 BTC from four affiliates
  • level 3: gift 0.3 BTC to receive 0.3 BTC from eight affiliates
  • level 4: gift 1.2 BTC to receive 1.2 BTC from sixteen affiliates

In the end, you will have received 19.2 BTC for a total payment of 1.66 BTC.

Super Matrix Verdict

Sounds great, doesn't it? 19.2 BTC is roughly $20,000 USD. Who wouldn't want that kind of gift? Well, the truth is that cash gifting schemes always collapse under their own weight, and usually well before you fill out your matrix fully.

Why is this? It's obvious – for every recruit you bring in, they have to build their own matrix if they have any hopes of seeing the same amount of money you're hoping to see. In turn, everyone that affiliate recruits has the same goal.

Soon, the massive recruitment requirements of this type of scheme becomes too unwieldy, and the whole thing collapses under its own weight – and if you haven't filled out your own matrix by that point, you are out of luck.

So why create such a scheme? The administrators of a cash gifting scam pre-fill the top recruitment spots, either with themselves or with accomplices, and then funnel all recruits to these pre-filled positions.

These top spots aren't passing up gifts – they're just raking them in. When the whole thing collapses, they've got all the money.

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