Survey Junkie

Are you someone with a lot of spare time? Or maybe you don't have that much time to do anything more than a few online tasks a day. Whichever boat you are in, there is a way for you to make extra money at home by doing surveys.

Sure, the online world is flooded with sites claiming that you can make money giving your opinion. Many of those sites require you to spend at least 30 minutes on the site. Plus you have to make sure you purchase something from every tier of the promotion in order to get paid. But there is a better way.

Survey Junkie is a site that truly values your opinion and will pay you for it. The site offers several different kinds of surveys from the 5 minute ‘tell us what you think' to the all-inclusive, detailed oriented survey that asks you to bare your soul. Depending on how much time you have is the survey you get to pick. After all, life is demanding and sometimes you have to juggle a lot. But Survey Junkie allows you to make a few extra bucks no matter what your schedule is like.

What Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is a site that has been around since October 6, 2005. It has more than 4 million members and has been known to pay out consistently.

Unlike other survey sites, Survey Junkie is a platform in which you use to get connected to companies looking for your opinion. In order to get started, you have to complete registration. The registration is basic questions for you to answer to see what surveys are available to you and your interests. Like many survey sites, you can't just apply to all of them and get paid. You have to have an interest in the brand, product, or company and be able to give real advice and an opinion.

Other sites allow anyone to sign up for the surveys but many of the people don't know anything about what they are doing. With this registration process, you are connected to things that matter to you and what you would like to change.

Some of the surveys are simple yes/no answers. Some require typing an answer. It is important to note that just because you qualify to do a specific survey doesn't mean you will be able to participate. There is a set number of ‘seats' available so chances are you may not get in on the survey in time. You need to remember you are competing for these surveys with 4 million people.

Survey Junkie Product

To join Survey Junkie all you need is an email address. The site is free and anyone can sign up as long as they are of age. Some of the surveys available are for teens, some for adults and some have no age limit.

The payment can be made through PayPal or you can opt to receive gift cards from various participating companies. The way it works is that you sign up for a survey and complete the task. Each assignment is set with a number of points to be awarded. Accumulate enough points to cash out and get your gift card or payment.

Survey Junkie Verdict

Survey Junkie is a site that can earn you some extra cash. You won’t get rich by using the site or doing the surveys, but for those who have spare time, it is worth it. The fact that you can get gift cards or cash is a plus.

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