Survey Money Machines

Survey Money Machines (or SMM for short) is a website that places users in contact with marketing companies looking for individuals to take surveys over the internet. Taking these surveys can potentially reward users monetarily.

What Is Survey Money Machines?

SMM is supposedly run by a woman named Hailey Gates. However, the image used to represent Gates is a stock photo taken from the internet and the address of the company links to a strip mall in Plano, Texas.

Meanwhile, the site's registration tells a different tale. While Hailey Gates is listed as the owner, the address is for temporary office space in Cheyenne, Wyoming – a bit far from Texas. Why there's a major discrepancy in addresses is a mystery.

Your guess is as good as ours who “Hailey Gates” actually is. While usually this lack of transparency when it comes to business ownership is a clear red flag, in this case it's not as egregious an offense, considering SMM doesn't want your money directly.

We'd be remiss, however, if we didn't say that not knowing who's really behind the company didn't rub us the wrong way.

Survey Money Machines Product

SMM is a free service that matches users with marketing companies looking for people to take paid surveys. The company claims it provides this service for free to users because it receives referral fees in return from these marketing companies.

Users can take these paid surveys to earn monetary rewards, either in cash or in “points” that can then be traded in for cash or other items.

Survey Money Machines Opportunity

SMM claims that individuals who use their service can then take paid surveys that, over time, will add up to a “decent living.” The amount users can make depends on which paid survey sites they're referred to and how many surveys they take. Typically, however, the earnings opportunities presented by paid survey sites are very low and only accumulate over the course of several weeks or, more likely, many months.

Survey Money Machines Verdict

SMM isn't going to make you rich overnight. The site itself makes it very clear that doing paid surveys isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, though we do feel that they mischaracterize the amount of money a typical survey-taker makes by calling it “decent.”

The truth is that SMM isn't the only company out there providing free access to paid surveys. There are many other companies out there doing the same thing, and while a good number of these online survey referral sites are much less sophisticated than SMM – or are outright trying to pull the wool over your eyes – this site is far from the best place to go to find paid survey opportunities.

In many independent reviews, users have complained that SMM seems more concerned with getting their referral fees from survey marketers than putting its users in contact with well-paying surveys. Users have also said that other free-to-use paid survey platforms – Swagbucks in particular – is a much better choice when it comes to the variety of money-earning activities and the ease of earning extra money.

However, even Swagbucks users are quick to say that taking online surveys is anything but “decent” money. It might add up to some extra pocket change over the course of a few weeks or months – perhaps enough to take your family out to a dinner somewhere that's a step above fast food – but you'll be lucky to get any more than that anywhere, let alone at SMM.

That being said, there's no monetary risk for trying out SMM. What you do have to lose is time and effort, though – time and effort that could be spent doing something else that could earn you more than you ever would by answering SMM-referred surveys.

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