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If you are looking to get into golf, you probably should know it is not easy to master. Thankfully, there are plenty of products out there that can help you learn and improve your golf abilities.

One such product is the Swing Coach Club. This is an interesting product that helps you to improve your swing by using a square club face.

I say this product is interesting because it is really something that I have never seen in the past. I have been in the golfing world for a while and this is really something new to me.

All because it is interesting does not mean it is good, however. So, let’s look at how it measures up as an effective training tool for aspiring golfers.

One thing I really like about the Swing Coach Club is how easy it is to assemble and use. All you have to do is put a golf ball on the tee-looking part on the face of the club. That is all you have to do to “assemble” it. And once it is assembled, you can start swinging.

That is literally how easy it is. Perfect for beginners. Where it starts to awry is when it comes to how it actually helps you. It isn’t really that easy to interpret the results after you swing and the really short instruction manual does not help either.

This caused me to tinker with the Swing Coach Club for a little while. It was actually quite fun doing a bunch of crazy swings. What I figured out was that the ball travels wherever the face of the club is pointed.

That may sound like a no-brainer, but it really wasn’t that easy to figure out and it isn’t even as easy as it sounds. For beginners who have poor swings, it may not even travel in that direction. It could come flying down at your feet so watch out.

All of that said, it is actually quite effective at training new golfers on using clubs with a square face and being able to develop a smooth swing. When it comes to interpreting the results, I figured that if the ball was not traveling where you wanted it to go, you have to fix your swing. Or you have to work on your timing so that you release is on point.

With the Swing Coach Club, your objective is to develop a smooth swing that is aimed and timed right so that you hit your target. Basically just like playing real golf.


The Swing Coach Club isn’t going to make you a master golfer. And that’s fine, because it isn’t advertised to do that. It is specifically designed to help you develop a well-timed smooth swing using a club with a square face and it does that excellently.

And repeatedly using it will help these smooth shots become natural to you when you are using a real club. It only costs 110 bucks and I feel that is a very fair price for the value.

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