tai lopez entrepreneur starter kit

The Tai Lopez Entrepreneur’s Starter Kit – or just ESK for short – is a training program for budding entrepreneurs that claims to teach you everything to know in order to launch your own business in 8 weeks or less, based on a time commitment of just 15 minutes a day.

What Is Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit?

The ESK is a product of Tai Lopez, a Certified Financial Planner, investor, and entrepreneur with a strong online following thanks to his podcasts, YouTube videos, and best-selling books he’s written on entrepreneurship. Lopez has spoken at prestigious locations such as the University of Southern California and The London Business School and, according to his own biography, has been involved as a founder, investor, or advisor to more than 20 multi-million-dollar companies.

Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit Product

The ESK is a specialized business training course, developed and presented by Lopez in the form of video instruction over a course of 8 weeks. Each lesson requires only 15 minutes a day in order to watch, a computer or mobile device with an internet connection is required.

There are also three bonuses that come with enrollment in the ESK. These include access to an exclusive, members-only Facebook group, one free ticket to meet Tai Lopez in person at one of the many different seminars and speeches he gives across the world every year, and a collection of 10 ready-made business kits created by students of Lopez that make at least $100,000 a year using the methods they learned from Lopez.

The cost of this entire program is $997, though Lopez offers a 60-day money back guarantee to individuals who are dissatisfied with the training. This program can be purchased in full or through a payment plan of 4 monthly payments.

Currently, the ESK program is closed temporarily. However, you can leave your name and email address to join the program’s waitlist, and you will be contacted once the program opens up once more.

Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit Opportunity

The opportunity presented by the Entrepreneur’s Starter Kit is, of course, to learn directly from Tai Lopez and to glean his insights from his own success. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any other opportunity such as an affiliate marketing program or anything of that nature – at least not with this specific offering.

Tai Lopez Entrepreneur Starter Kit Verdict

Tai Lopez, for all his fans and admirers, is a bit of a controversial figure.

Some have claimed that his flashy YouTube videos where he displays his wealth are misleading or disingenuous, that he fabricates his wealth by renting high-profile sports cars and mansions for his YouTube videos and that he’s not as successful as he claims. Yet despite his detractors, he does have a passionate, devoted following of people who swear that he’s the real deal and that he’s been able to act as a successful mentor and trainer.

We recommend coming to your own conclusions about Lopez and his methods. We will say that charging almost $1000 for his Entrepreneur’s Starter Kit represents a large investment, one that may be beyond the means of many individuals, even taking into account that Lopez offers an installment plan, but if the training and materials he offers in exchange for this price are useful, the possibility exists that this training will pay for itself in the long run. Additionally, adding a 60-day money back guarantee on an 8-week program does allow users to experience the majority of the program to evaluate its worthiness.

Of course at the time of this writing the matter is largely academic, as the ESK program is temporarily closed to new enrollment. This will change in the future, however, and it essentially costs nothing to leave your name and email to be added to Lopez’s notification list for more information in the future. As you wait, you can always research Lopez yourself further to gain more information on his reputation and practices if desired.

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