It doesn't matter if you have a small company or a big one, video advertising is the way of the future. With Teads, you are not only working with the inventors of out streaming advertising, but you are working with the number one ranked company to get your products and services out to prospects.

You see, Teads will create unsurpassed and premium inventory for all company's whether they want to reach their audience on the desktop or in their hands with mobile technology.

If you are a company looking to expand your horizons, then look no further than Teads.

What Is Teads?

Teads has come a long way from inventing out stream video advertising to becoming the number one video advertising platform.

According to the site, Teads was founded in 2011 and has since its humble beginnings have grown to be a powerhouse company pushing the limit with native video advertising.

With over 500 employees that stretch across 27 offices worldwide, you know you are in good hands with the best of the best. They also have their headquarters in New York, New York.

In 2014, Teads won the IPA's Best Technology of the Year Award for inRead and a month later announces its revenue for 2014 reached $95 million.

The company hasn't stopped. In fact in 2016 Teads purchased Brainient. Although it hasn't stated what its revenue was for 2016, you can bet a pretty penny it was well beyond $141 million.

When researching who is the brains behind Teads, you will find under their “About Us” tab a list of their executive team, as well as their investors.

Teads Product

Teads offers out stream video solutions for business with premium editorial content that is guaranteed to run on all devices. They offer solutions for advertisers, publishers and the everyday user looking to get their products out to the masses.

There is no pricing for their services on their website. In order to get pricing, you need to contact them directly. Teads is a company that tailors to the needs of their clients and doesn't offer a “boxed” solution.

Teads Opportunity

This company does not offer any affiliate program for monetary gain. Although, their service and product are so well-known that word of mouth is always welcomed even if you don’t get paid for doing so. You will find that they have an “Affiliate” link.

That link, however, shows all the different companies that are affiliated with them and work with them to make the best product and service ever.

Teads Verdict

If you are looking for a video advertising company that is on the top of their game then look no further than Teads. You will find everything you could ever need with this company. The fact that you can find them on all major social media outlets is a huge plus.

You can also contact them through their “Contact” page for the fastest response. Plus, with their 27 offices worldwide it doesn't matter what country you are in, they probably have someone to help you out.

There is nothing but amazing things about this company. The more you scroll through the site, the more you come to realize how big this company really is. The fact that they can list awards that they have earned is amazing. Their site has ten different awards listed dating from 2013 to 2016.

If you are looking for a company that is completely transparent and shows you who they are, what they stand for and everything in between, it is no wonder they are number one in their field.

So, if you are looking for a company to help you with your video advertising needs, look no further than Teads. If you need more proof, do a Google search and see for yourself how amazing this company is.

No doubt within five minutes you too will be completely impressed with their level of experience and expertise. Advertising through video has never been easier with Teads.

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