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Technology Profits Confidential Review

Technology Profits Confidential is an online newsletter that promises to help you make smarter, more profitable investments by giving you hot stick tips. Here’s our Technology Profits Confidential review.


What IS Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is an online newsletter created by a company named Agora Financial. That Baltimore-based company sends out weekly updates and monthly issues where they tell you about hot stock tips.

In exchange for an annual subscription fee (ranging from $50 to $90 a year), Technology Profits Confidential will send regular updates to your mailbox. The company claims you can invest in companies that will “book gains like 195% in 9 months, 101% in a little over a year, even 239% in just 4 months.”

Obviously, Technology Profits Confidential isn’t the first newsletter to make these bold claims. There are all sorts of online newsletters that promise to give you hot financial tips in exchange for a subscription fee.

What makes Technology Profits Confidential different? Let’s take a closer look at how the subscription works.


The Virtual Reality Video

Technology Profits Confidential introduces itself to us online through a video presentation. That video presentation explains how virtual reality technology is about to change the world: instead of traveling to Sydney to see the Opera House, you’ll be able to sit back in your chair and visit it on your virtual reality headset.

Technology Profits Confidential introduces virtual reality technology like it’s some groundbreaking new phenomenon that nobody has ever heard about. They compare virtual reality companies to the early days of Apple and Microsoft.

Just think, the video says, how rich you would be today if you had invested in Apple or Microsoft from day one.

The truth is: virtual reality is an established technology that’s about to break into the mainstream. It’s not like it’s some unknown, futuristic technology.

Nevertheless, Technology Profits Confidential recommends picking a handful of stocks related to virtual reality companies – like the people who make processors inside virtual reality headsets. By picking these stocks today, you could be “Steve Jobs rich” in the future.

These are the kinds of tips you’re going to get when you sign up for Technology Profits Confidential.

Technology Profits Confidential Pricing

If you actually listen to the full Technology Profits Confidential video presentation, you’ll eventually be taken to an ordering form where you can choose from one of three different packages.

One of the first things you’ll see at the top of the page is a big countdown timer. When that timer runs out, you won’t be able to order Technology Profits Confidential anymore – at least, that’s what the company wants you to think. In reality, companies that use ordering forms like this are typically selling scammy, low-quality products – so it doesn’t paint Technology Profits Confidential in a very good light.

In any case, here’s how the three pricing levels break down:

Silver: $41 Per Year

-Access to 3 reports (online)

-12 monthly issues (online)

Gold: $89 Per Year

-Access to 3 reports (online and delivered to your door)

-12 monthly issues (online and delivered to your door)

Platinum: $79 Per Year

-Access to 4 reports (online and delivered to your door)

-12 monthly issues (online and delivered to your door)

The “reports” cover things like the virtual reality video I mentioned above. They’re in-depth looks into industries and technologies that may be shaping the world. The three reports include each of the following

-Air-Dropped Profits

-The Three Hidden Companies Driving the Virtual Reality Revolution

-Invisible Power: From Tesla’s Lab to Your Home

-Crushed: Dump These Three Industries Before They Crash and Burn (Bonus Report for Platinum Users)

In any case, you’re paying $50 to $90 for the 3-4 reports listed above along with 12 monthly newsletters. Technology Profits Confidential also mentions “weekly updates” but it’s unclear what type of information you get from these updates.

About Agora Financial

Agora Financial produces the Technology Profits Confidential newsletter. They’re an independent publishing organization that claims to provide “unbiased market commentary and market news”. They claim their writers have “earned recognition from dozens of media sources”, including Reuters, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and other major financial media organizations.

They also claim that over 1.8 million people read their research every day – which is a higher readership than the Washington Post.

Agora Financial sells a number of other similar newsletters and products online, including the 5 Minute Forecast, Contract Income Alert, Digital Financial Reserve, Breakthrough Technology Alert, and AGORA Financial’s Microcap Millionaires.

Overall, the company’s products seem a little too good to be true. The AGORA Financial’s Microcap Millionaires newsletter, for example, claims to cap its membership at just 1,000 people. It also offers a 30 day refund – minus a 20% “restocking fee”. Yes, you’ll get charged a restocking fee on an email newsletter. Oh, and the newsletter costs $5,000 per year, and you’re billed for the full year upfront. The newsletter promises to tell you the best penny stocks that will make you a “millionaire”.

Ultimately, Agora Financial appears to have some interesting products, services, and newsletters. Their journalists produce some groundbreaking research from an independent perspective. However, there are certainly some red flags surrounding these memberships – including charging $5,000 for one newsletter and putting countdown timers on all sales pages.

Agora Financial acquired Laissez Faire Books in March 2011. Laissez Faire Books is an online libertarian bookseller originally based in New York City.

Should You Sign Up for Technology Profits Confidential?

At first, paying $80 for 12 issues of a newsletter might seem like a bad deal. But considering Agora Financial sells other newsletters at a price of $5,000 per year, $80 doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

Nevertheless, Technology Profits Confidential doesn’t give us a lot of reasons to convince us that it’s worth this price. The newsletter’s latest marketing campaign heavily advocates investing in virtual reality technology before it explodes into the public scene.

If you’re looking for hot stock tips that promise to make you “Steve Jobs rich”, then Technology Profits Confidential may be the newsletter for you. However, skeptics will want to stay away from this one.



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