terabit trader

Terabit Trader is an app that allows you to trade with “Optical Data Transmission” that has a transfer rate of 1.125 terabits per second.

What is Terabit Trader?

Little is known about the company. The site was registered September 18, 2016, but no name was given as who actually runs the show. According to the website, a man by the name of Richard Heffner created the app and is the one in control, but upon further investigation, it is clear that this man doesn't exist. Mr. Heffner is a fictions person, a character created for a single purpose, to give you a face.

This same face can be seen promoting other trading platforms like Safeguard Trader and GPS Trader. All of which he spouts the same thing saying how they are the best of the best. If you dig a little deeper into the identity of Mr. Heffner, you will discover that his real name is actually Patrick Green, an actor, and model for hire.

The Product

Terabit Trader is said to be a better trading platform that uses Optical Data transmission technology. This so-called technology isn't anything new. In fact, it has been around for quite some time. Although the people behind Terabit want you to believe that it is better, faster and smarter than what the traders on Wall Street use. It is completely free to use, however, there is a small $250 deposit that is required to get you started with your trading.

According to the site, Terabit Trader is so advanced that it can predict winnings with 100% accuracy without you ever lifting a finger. That's right, this program is so high-tech that it can't fail. It runs 1.125 terabits per second infrastructure that is so advanced there is no way it can't win all the time.

The Verdict

You shouldn't have to wonder about the creditability of software. Everything from who runs the show to how the product works should be transparent. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Terabit Trader. You can't believe everything you read online or anywhere else these days. And you can't trust a trading site that guarantees you will make $20,000 a day. That is just silly.

When you look at the site, though, that is exactly what is promised to you. And of course you want to believe it wholeheartedly but at the same time you know there is no way for you to make that kind of money in a day with the stock market or trading options.

Another thing you may want to look at is the winning rate. No system no matter how fast it can trade will win every time. Yet, that is what Terabit Trader claims it does. The site tells you that its protocol is mathematically sound to win and that you are guaranteed a minimum of $850 a day. But the further you scroll down, you will notice that the site goes from $850 a day to $850 an hour. So which one is it? When you look at the site a little closer you come to realize that either of these statements is true.

But what about the reviews from high profile people on the site? Sure, you will see that Jack Pallister from CNN made a comment about the software. The truth is, though, anyone can add any name to a site and make stuff up to try and give the site more credibility. That is what happened here. Mr. Pallister never said anything about the site on CNN or anywhere else. If he had, don't you think the site would have more than just 847 members?

Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this trading platform. The only thing this system is guaranteed to do is suck money out of your account. There is nothing special about this software; if there were don’t you think you would hear about it on the news? The truth is Terabit Trader is too cloaked. There isn’t a real name for the owner or an address to complain to. There is no way any trading platform can guarantee you any amount of money on any given day. The fact that this site does should be a huge red flag.

Steer clear of Terabit Trader and all other trading software that claims an exact amount per day. There is no guarantee and stating so is just a way for them to get into your account and take you money with bad, unregulated trades.

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