tesler app

The Tesler App (Tesler) is an app for mobile devices that facilitates earning money by automating trading on the binary options financial markets.

What Is Tesler App?

Tesler is a product of Tesler Investments. The CEO of the company is Steven Abrahams.

The Product

The product is a software program that claims to use advanced algorithms to predict the behavior of the binary options trading market with a high level of accuracy. This can result in massive profits of more than $200 an hour, according to Abrahams.

The company is providing access to their mobile app for free in exchange for an 0.5 percent share in the profits across all users of the app.

However, anyone who uses the app to trade on the binary options markets will need to do so with their own money; the recommended brokers that Tesler works with all require a $250 deposit.

The Opportunity

The opportunity here is of course to make a large amount of money with little or no actual work. As Tesler works on its own thanks to its prediction algorithm, anyone interested in passive income can rest assured that the app will go to work for them according to the company's claims.


The binary options market is a lucrative, albeit volatile one. It's easy to make and lose fortunes in the blink of an eye. This makes the market an attractive one for investors that seemingly have an inside track to success – in this case, through the use of a highly accurate automated trading app.

However, there's little to indicate that Tesler is anything but a scam.

The binary options market is, unfortunately, presently clogged with disreputable brokers that are on the hunt for innocent traders' money.

There are a plethora of scams that promise free or nearly-free access to “revolutionary” or “incredibly accurate” binary options trade signaling or auto-trader robots, but the truth is the vast majority of these programs are ineffective and merely act as a sales funnel for brokers that get paid commissions per trade, regardless of whether it's a successful one or not.

These brokers pay companies like Tesler to find them new customers and pay them a referral fee for every individual who opens up a new account with $250.

How do we know that Tesler is almost certainly a scam? One very important – and very damning – piece of evidence: the identity of the supposed CEO, Steven Abrahams.

The individual portraying Abrahams on the Tesler site's embedded video is a paid actor who has appeared in other videos promoting similar binary options auto traders – including a binary options auto-trader we've reviewed in the past!

The actor claiming to be Abrahams appeared prominently as “Doctor Steven Francis,” where he claimed he was a mathematician working closely with programmers from IBM to create an incredibly accurate auto-trader bot.

As the individual in both films cannot be both Dr. Steven Francis and Steven Abrahams, it is obvious that at least one of these individuals is not real – though it's just as likely both these identities are false.

As a result, it is simply impossible to trust anyone or anything affiliated with Tesler. We aren't the only ones that have uncovered the duplicity – several review websites have blown the door wide open on the Tesler scam, so you don't have to take our word for it if you don't want to.

If you want to invest in the binary options market, there are better, more legitimate ways to do it than becoming involved with a company promoting a bogus app in an event to make money. If a product sounds too good to be true – in the event of Tesler – be aware that it probably is.

No automated trading robot is so accurate as to provide more than $200 an hour in profits; furthermore, no legitimate company is going to use a paid actor to portray its supposed CEO, and certainly not one who has represented an exposed scam in the past.

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