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The Ads Leader (shortened to TAL for brevity's sake) bills itself as an online advertising marketplace, offering “ad credit packs” to individuals in exchange for ad space on its website.

However, the story gets more complicated than that, as TAL also offers a ROI on purchased ad credit packs and an affiliate recruitment scheme that provides residual commission-based income.

What Is The Ads Leader?

The Ads Leader website offers zero information on who's running this program. Likewise the site's registration information only reveals that it was created in October of 2016.

Going down the rabbit hole, we've been able to identify at least one person that seems to be involved with TAL. Thanks to the efforts of other review sites, it's come to light that the official TAL YouTube channel is managed by an individual named Patrick Collins.

Collins, in videos on his personal YouTube page, admits that he's managing the TAL website.

It turns out that Collins has been involved in some shady affiliate marketing schemes in the past. In 2016 alone, the “Traffic Monsoon” affiliate site he marketed was closed down by the SEC for improper investment behavior; Collins was likewise marketing MLM scheme “My 24 Hour Income,” which looks to have crashed and burned in 2016 as well.

Whether Collins is the mastermind behind TAL or he's just managing the site for unseen, anonymous individuals is unknown.

The Ads Leader Product

TAL sells “ad packs,” which provide individuals who buy them the ability to list their own ads on the TAL site. That's the only product the company promotes.

These ad packs cost between $5 and $90. In addition to letting you run ads on the TAL site, this also (supposedly) provides you with between a 120% and a 125% ROI.

“Investors” can unlock better rates of return by enrolling in a monthly membership subscription, which ranges between an additional $30 to $70 a month. ROI grows to as high as 160% for these advanced members.

The Ads Leader Opportunity

In addition to the ROI on ad credit investment, TAL also offers a residual commission scheme.

Through a unilevel compensation scheme, investors can recruit affiliates under them and earn residual commissions from as far as ten levels deep.

The exact amount of compensation depends on amount of money invested and number of recruits brought into the TAL system.

The minimum tier for receiving commissions requires investing in ad packs at least 50 times and recruiting at least 20 other affiliates that have invested as well. This entitles you to 5% commission on direct recruits and between 2% and 5% on levels 2 through 10.

In comparison, the maximum commission tier requires you to invest in a staggering 5000 ad packs and to bring in a minimum of 810 affiliates.

This increases your commission rate to anywhere between 5% to 10% on various tiers of your downline, again to 10 positions deep.

The Ads Leader Verdict

If you haven't figured it out by now, TAL is a prime example of a typical pyramid scheme where the people at the top get paid by the people at the bottom.

TAL's only line of income is from people buying ad credit packs, which means that the only way they can pay that 120% to 160% ROI on these ad packs is to take money from new investors to pay off existing ones.

Since these new investors are expecting their own ROI, the cycle continues – TAL needs to keep taking more and more money from an increasing number of investors until the amount of money coming in is much smaller than the amount of money going out.

What happens then? Well, if the company isn't shut down by the SEC before this date, the owners of TAL will pack up and disappear into the night, carrying figurative suitcases of cash with them.

Meanwhile, everyone who isn't at the top of the heap loses their investment – and guess who the people on the top are? Likely accomplices of TAL like Collins or the owners themselves.

Don't fall for TAL. It's an obvious scam, and investing your money with them is a great way to kiss it goodbye.

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