the billion coin

The Billion Coin is the latest crypto-currency to be introduced to the markets. While the site states that it is not like other crypto-currencies that can be bought one day and sold the next, it does still serve a purpose.

However, that purpose is somewhat obscured throughout the site. While you may be wondering if you can make money by investing with The Billion Coin, the answer may actually surprise you.

What Is The Billion Coin?

According to, was registered April 16, 2016, to a private owner. The website does not offer any clues as to who runs the site. However, at the bottom of the “Home” page, you will notice a “Contact Us” link.

When you click on that link you are redirected to a page that allows you to fill out a form. On that form you will notice several different “Official Sites” and they are listed in the box. None of the sites listed give any clues as to who owns or runs the show.

According to the “Terms of Use” page, the site is owned and operated by There is no further information or name given.

The Billion Coin Product

The Billion Coin doesn't offer any real products to speak of. Sure, you can purchase the coins or as the site calls them “Kringles” coins. However, these ‘coins' are digital and hold no real value or significance outside of The Billion Coin site.

The Billion Coin Opportunity

The Billion Coin is a site that allows you to invest your money in crypto-currency called “Kringles” or Billion Coin. The site claims that the coins never go down in value, and will only increase. The site states that the coins go up 1 to 5% daily. The Kringles coin goes up daily by 3%.

Some may say that this is a major red flag and that no currency can never go down. However, the crypto-currency doesn’t run like the traditional crypto-currencies. It isn’t like Bitcoin or any of the other digital currencies on the market, so yes, it can go up every day without dropping.

The site offers several different charts explaining how their crypto-currency goes up over time. If you look at the one specifically for the Kringles coins you will notice that if you purchase $100 worth of coins, in 350 days you will have earned $3,021,283.00.

The idea is to purchase the crypto-currency and let it sit so that it can reach its ultimate potential and price. Then, once that amount has been reached, sell the currency and make your profit.

The Billion Coin Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up when looking at this site. First off, the site isn't backed the way Bitcoin or any of the other crypto-currencies are. You won't find any information about mining or how to exchange The Billion Coin currency.

This would suggest that the currency is only good for this site and doesn't offer any real value outside of the site.

Another red flag is how the currency changes with each chart. When you look over the site, notice all the numbers and how your investment can earn X amount of money. Then look at the currency. It goes from the Euro to the United States dollar and back again.

The site doesn't offer just one form of currency to work with. This may be due to the fact that the site can be translated into different languages to suit the visitor's preferred language.

The Billion Coin may have a lot of testimonials saying how great the site is, but don't be fooled. Not all that glitters is gold. If you are interested in investing with The Billion Coin, do so with the knowledge that you may not strike it rich.

The site is not set up to be a get rich quick site. Nor is it to be used like the stock market. The Billion Coin is not stock and the site clearly states so in the Terms of Use page.

So can you make money with The Billion Coin? The answer is yes, you can within the site, outside of the site though, not so much. You may be able to make some money if you are patient and allow the investment to mature before trying to take it out.

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