The Cash Loophole (TCL) is a free binary options trade signal platform that provides users the opportunity to invest their own funds to make a profit.

What Is The Cash Loophole?

TCL is a private company, with its chief executive officer listed as one Richard Sellars. Little additional information is available on either TCL, Sellars, or the rest of the company's employees. The website registrant is listed as being located in Wakefield, UK, south of the city of Leeds. There is a Richard Sellars listed as the key account manager of Stratstone Mercedes-Benz Of Leeds, which may or may not be the same individual.

The Product

TCL is a binary options trade signal software that sends anywhere from 10 to 12 signals a day to users as recommended trade options to invest in. The software is free to use, and TCL also offers training webinars to educate new binary options traders.

Binary options are a form of investment trading that involve a simple “yes” or “no” proposition. Most common is placing an investment on whether an underlying asset will be above a certain price at a certain time. Matching your prediction correctly will result in turning a profit; TCL claims to take much of the guesswork out of binary options prediction by providing trade signals to users as guidelines to follow in their own binary option trading activities.

The Opportunity

TCL offers an affiliate program on a cost per action (CPA) payout system. According to TCL documentation, individuals enrolling in the TCL affiliate program are awarded $250 CPA when a referred member deposits binary option trading funds to one of TCL's recommended brokers. TCL claims that affiliates can earn $500 CPA per lead due to their highly sophisticated upsell funnel. TCL provides support to affiliates in the form of several pre-scripted marketing email that can be used to attract new referrals.


TCL is not recommended for individuals looking for affiliate income opportunities for several reasons.

The underlying product – a binary options trading signal service – is not in and of itself a poor choice for anyone who understands the risks involved in binary options trading. Binary options trading can be rewarding, though the market can be inherently volatile and unstable. However, the marketing strategies used by TCL to both attract users and affiliates is questionable.

The lack of information on the company is suspect, as is the lack of any substantial information on the CEO, Richard Sellars. This is troubling, as there seems to be a lack of transparency regarding the composition of TCL on an executive level. Additionally, the promotional video on TCL's main landing site, which touts the effectiveness of the TCL software, is presented as fact but is not; a disclaimer at the bottom of the page clearly states that the video is fictitious and makes use of actors.

Another issue we take with TCL is in the affiliate information. The company's affiliate page includes contact information for TCL's affiliate manager, Rebecca Knowles, with an accompanying picture. However, a reverse image search of Knowles' picture reveals it to have been sourced from the German-language version of Fotolia, a stock photo image service owned and operated by Adobe. This indicates a level of deception that is unacceptable.

Because of all these factors – the lack of any real information concerning the company's management, the deceptive nature of the promotional video, and the use of stock photo images to portray a TCL staff member – make the company and its claims highly suspect. Any opportunities TCL presents for affiliate marketers are unverifiable and unlikely to result in a reliable revenue stream.

It's highly recommended that you steer clear of this one. If you are interested in investing in binary options, there are other avenues to do so. Likewise, there are likely other ways to provide affiliate marketing revenue for yourself through another binary options trade signal program that doesn't rely on misleading promotional materials.

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