the code of influence

The Code of Influence (CoI) is a self-improvement eBook course designed to provide instruction in becoming a more influential person in both your personal and professional life.

What Is The Code of Influence?

CoI is a creation of Paul Mascetta, a self-described “author, researcher, copywriter, salesman and entrepreneur in the field of influence and persuasion.” Mascetta has several similar products he has created for improving the personal and financial success of others.

Mascetta resides in Staten Island, New York. The address listed on his main website, which is different from the CoI sales page, is for a residential address and is registered to Mascetta.

Many of Mascetta's products, including CoI, are listed on his main site but not available for purchase; the CoI site itself, which handles purchases through ClickBank, is registered to a Glenn Cucurullo from Statbrook Associates LLC, with a listed address in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mascetta may have outsourced to this secondary company for this purpose.

The Product

CoI is a 12-module course contained in a 450-page eBook and with additional audio support content. The course is designed to provide readers skills and tools needed to become a more influential person, attract success in their personal life and financial career, and unlock the potential for greatness hidden inside.

In addition to the core CoI module, Mascetta is offering several bonuses for CoI customers. This includes 7 “Self-Hypnosis” courses designed to increase social skills, charisma, quick decision-making, and finesse in negotiating.

The entire package, CoI plus the 7 bonus self-hypnosis courses, are available for a one-time payment of $37.

The Opportunity

While Mascetta's main website claims he has worked as an internet marketing copywriter for many affiliate and MLM luminaries, there seems to be no affiliate marketing opportunity with CoI.

This means that the only opportunity CoI offers is held within the contents of its eBook – or in its self-hypnosis courses. Contacting Statbrook Associates may reveal otherwise, but such activities are beyond the scope of our ability.


The value of Mascetta's CoI course is completely subjective. Self-help programs like his work for some people and not for others, making it extremely problematic when it comes to making any sort of clear determination.

This complicates an otherwise straightforward review process – how does one quantify the subjective?

Evaluating CoI would be much easier if it had an attached affiliate marketing opportunity. The product is obviously high in perceived added value with such a large amount of bonus content, and the $37 price point is inexpensive enough for prospective customers to take a risk on purchasing it.

With ClickBank backing the transactions, this would have made for clear sailing thanks to its standard 60-day money back guarantee – yet there is no clear affiliate link to be found anywhere.

Additionally, the fact that Mascetta is obviously a real person, has a legitimate presence on social media, and his own branded main site all shows a high level of transparency on his part.

The link between Mascetta and Statbrook Associates isn't explicit, but we suspect that he might have created copy for affiliate campaigns for Statbrook in the past, judging by some of the products that cursory internet searches have revealed to be associated with the Las Vegas company.

Still, no indications of any available affiliate program.

In the end, if you feel that you might benefit from Mascetta's insight in order to apply it to your own marketing strategies, $37 is a small price to pay, especially since there's quite literally zero risk to you thanks to ClickBank's guarantee.

However, if Mascetta's system was so revolutionary, groundbreaking, and effective as he claims it to be, it seems odd that his listed address is a semi-detached home in a Staten Island suburb and not a palatial estate somewhere a bit less crowded.

Then again, at New York City real estate prices, that piece of property might represent a significant financial investment – looks can, after all, be deceiving.

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