The Dollar Ventures is a site that is set up as a peer to peer donation matrix. The site works with Bitcoin processor and allows you to earn money over the course of seven days.

What Is The Dollar Ventures?

The Dollar Ventures was register June 2016 and updated October 2016. According to, the site is set to private making it hard to know who is the owner of the site is and who runs it. The information provided on the site states that most of the traffic is located in Poland with Spain coming in close behind.

The Products

The site doesn't offer any products. Only the opportunity to sponsor new affiliates into the matrix system.

The Opportunity

To start off with The Dollar Venture, you must first make a payment of 0.01 BTC which is given to the person who sent you to the site. Once you have made the initial payment your job is then to recruit five people to be placed directly under you.

Each person that you get to sign up then pays you 0.01 BTC to join. After those initial five spots are taken, you can then begin to build your second level.

The system is a 5×2 matrix system. This allows for a maximum of 25 people to join under you at any given time. To enter into the second level, you have to gift your sponsor 0.04 BTC.

When you are on the second level, it is then your responsibility to get more recruits to build your downline willing to pay you the 0.04 BTC. Like the first level, the second level also has only 25 positions available for you to fill.

According to the site your account is active for only seven days. This time frame doesn't give you a lot to work with to build your downline, but for some it is possible.

What makes The Dollar Venture different from other gift giving sites is the fact that you can sign up with more than one account. The idea of having more than one site allows you to build bigger downlines and possibly make more money.

The Verdict

While gift giving is all fine and dandy if you know someone, it is a tough business idea. The fact that you have to recruit people willing to pay you 0.01 BTC seems like a difficult task. Even if you managed to fill up the first level, doing it over again with 0.04 BTC at stake just seems over the top.

Now for some, gift giving is a simple and fast way to earn money. If of course you know what you are doing when it comes to marketing. And if you are someone who has already built a down line with another program.

Then you may not have any issues using The Dollar Ventures site. But for those just starting out looking for a quick way to earn, you will find it difficult to make back any money.

There are a few things you should think about before signing up. One is that once you put your money down, there are no refunds. Your money is gone never to be seen again. The second thing is that no one knows for certain who is running the show is another issue you have to face.

When a company isn't straight forward about who owns it, then it should be a sign for you to run away. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but this site is not one of them. The fact that your account closes every seven days is something else you should think about.

The way the site is set up, you get paid every time someone new signs up under you. However, once people stop signing up and giving away their money to their sponsors, the site will dry up. You may want to pass on The Dollar Venture site. While 0.01 BTC doesn’t sound like a lot, it turns out to be $7.08.


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