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ICANetwork, an obvious portmanteau of “I can” and “network”, is a network marketing e-commerce site that offers marketing-based services such as the creation of mobile apps, local search engine optimization, and even offers business loan funding. ICANetwork also has an affiliate marketing program for individuals who wish to promote the company’s products for commission-based income.

What Is ICANetwork?

ICANetwork was founded by John Kernan, a veteran corporate executive that has served as the VP of sales for Kraft Foods for over 10 years, according to his LinkedIn profile. While the ICANetwork website lists a corporate address in Michigan that links to a business park, Kernan himself seems to be headquartered in New Jersey.

ICANetwork Product

ICANetwork offers several different network marketing-themed products and services to the public. These are, in no particular order, the following:

  • ICAN Silent Salesman: a design-your-own mobile app service that can be used to create marketing opportunities for any business interested in connecting to their customers through either an Android or iOS device. Cost is $39 per month for maintenance.
  • ICAN GoLocal: a local SEO program that guarantees a business will reach the top of Google search results for local businesses in 90 days. Comes bundled with the Silent Salesman app. Cost is $195 initial setup and $129 every month thereafter.
  • ICAN GoMobile: a service that creates a mobile-friendly version of a company’s existing website. Cost is a one-time payment of $295.
  • ICAN GoSocial: a social media management service that sources and posts relevant content to your company’s Facebook page. Cost is $139 per month.
  • ICAN GoLoan: a business loan opportunity, up to $150,000 maximum, for any business owners with a credit score of 620 or higher. Loan features no application fees and zero percent interest for the first year and between 6% and 9% subsequent years..

ICANetwork Opportunity

ICANetwork also welcomes direct sales affiliates who wish to market the company’s products.

There are four levels of participation in the ICANetwork affiliate program: Free Distributor, Supervising Independent Representative (SIR), Founder, and Director. Compensation structure is a simple unilevel scheme. Compensation and commission rates are as follows:

  • Free Distributor: 10% on all sales, no residual monthly commissions
  • SIR: 30% on all personal sales including monthly commissions, 5% from direct recruits, 3% from second-level recruits
  • Founder: 40% on all sales including monthly commissions, 10% from direct recruits, 5% from second-level recruits
  • Director: 50% on all sales including monthly commissions, 15% from direct recruits, 10% from second-level recruits

Membership fees range from zero for Free Distributor to $39.95 a month for Director. Affiliates at the SIR level and up receive complimentary access to ICAN Silent Salesman, a custom website, a company email, and access to weekly training sessions.

ICANetwork Verdict

We’ll be honest – ICANetwork seems like a pretty solid affiliate marketing opportunity. It ticks all the boxes – low affiliate membership fees, straightforward compensation plan, and real, concrete products and services to market. If you’re looking for a business-to-business direct sales opportunity, ICANetwork is likely to be a good choice.

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