the kiwi method

The Kiwi Method uses revolutionary financial software to track the market for you. It takes the money you deposit into your account and places trades for you. With this, money comes pouring in. The company states that most members earn $800 to $1,000 per day with a $300 deposit. Those who deposit $1,000 earn more than $2,500 per day. The system claims you can withdraw your original deposit at any time.

Put no money down. Don’t provide your credit card or banking information. There’s no charge for the financial software. You don’t need a lot of time. Simply start the program and walk away. These are promises made by The Kiwi Method. Learn the truth about this allegedly free program and how you gain riches in a matter of days.

What Is The Kiwi Method?

Whois shows WhoisGuard, Inc. and NameCheap, Inc. registered The registration process protects the true owner of the site’s identity. Per, Jake Mason founded this get-rich-quick method. This is debatable as the program shares identical testimonials and marketing videos as MyMillionaireGuide. Jake Mason is also listed as the creator of The Canuck Method.

The Product

With The Kiwi Method, you set up a trading account, turn on the program’s software, and it takes over. You'll make hundreds or thousands of dollars per day. The software monitors the binary options market and takes care of all trading for you. You don’t control trading. The computer software handles everything. So, you simply click a few buttons and you’re done.

It takes just five steps before money pours into your account. Per the site, money starts appearing in as little as 60 minutes.

1.       Submit your name and email address

2.       Create a trading account.

3.       Access the Kiwi Method’s software

4.       Deposit money into your trading account

5.       Hit play

From there, go forward with your day. Run errands, clean your house, or sit back and watch successful trades pile up and put money in your account. You’re not tied to your computer. It claims to be that easy. Get access into current traders’ accounts to see how much money they’ve earned. Facebook feeds also show claims on how much method’s users earn each day.

The Verdict

Watch Jake Mason’s video for The Kiwi Method and then go watch the video for Jon Anderson’s The Millionaire Guide. The videos are identical. Each program promises to make you rich in a hurry. Both say you don’t pay a penny to start making money.

Here’s where things go wrong. You do spend money to get started. To set up a trading account, you must deposit money into your account. I was told to make a minimum $200 deposit. The company claims you’re able to withdraw your deposit at any time, so there’s no risk. But, the stock market is fickle. There’s nothing to stop you from losing your entire investment in bad trades. Suddenly, you're out hundreds of dollars.

Looking at one of the “live trade” testimonials, Nuala Gathercole’s account shows $799 in gains in a matter of minutes. She also has $1,500 in losses. This clearly is not the money making opportunity that it promises to be. The stock market is finicky, and there’s no promise of consistent streams of revenue.

In 2010, Forbes released an article on investing in the binary options market. The key point the magazine makes is that it is impossible to predict when a stock will rise or fall. It's harder when these trades take place in a matter of minutes. The magazine goes on to point out that the binary options market is not regulated. No one protects you when trading in this kind of market. You’re putting your faith in a computer program picking correctly. But, it all boils down to a 50/50 chance each time.

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