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Millionaire Mastermind is an affiliate marketing educational company that supposedly reveals the secrets of running a multi-million dollar business from the comfort of your own home with nothing but a laptop.

What Is Millionaire Mastermind?

Millionaire Mastermind's founder and CEO is Giancarlo Barraza, who likes to refer to himself as “Coach Giani.” Barraza, who lives in Orlando, Florida, has held the position since Millionaire Mastermind's founding in 2014, according to his LinkedIn profile. However, there's no other employment history on his account prior to this date.

According to other information we found online, Barraza attended Butler University on a soccer scholarship. He then worked as a web developer until the 2008 economic downturn. At that point, he delved into affiliate marketing to make a living and has found success online.

As far as Barraza's online reputation, it's not necessarily the most squeaky clean. There is evidence as far back as 2014 that he was selling his internet marketing expertise to anyone who would pay him, sometimes up to $2000, and not offer much in return. This has resulted in more than one marketer to dismiss Barraza and anything he's involved in as a potential scam.

Millionaire Mastermind Product

The core product of Millionaire Mastermind is through training and education on how to set up an Amazon affiliate marketing website in order to earn commissions from individuals who purchase products listed on an affiliate site.

Millionaire Mastermind purportedly sets up these affiliate sites for you, teaches you how to use paid advertising like Google AdSense to direct web traffic to your site, and how to profit through paid advertising campaigns.

There's no definitive way to learn how much it costs to enroll in Millionaire Mastermind, at least not from the site directly. Signing up requires scheduling a telephone call with a staff member. However, scouring the site does reveal some pricing plans – a price of $97 was quoted for the program on a non-publicized part of the Millionaire Mastermind site, so this may not be accurate – especially since we found that the purchase link is broken.

Millionaire Mastermind Opportunity

The opportunity presented here is to earn commission-based income through the Amazon affiliate program. This is a real program and is used around the world to earn money.

However, we're not so sure that Millionaire Mastermind is the best way to learn about becoming an Amazon affiliate. More on that below, but in brief, we have suspicions that Barraza is more interested in fleecing his customers than lifting them up.

Millionaire Mastermind Verdict

There's nothing wrong with making a living from being an Amazon affiliate. However, it requires a lot of setup and management – registering a domain name, designing a website, populating it with marketing material and effective content, and then driving web traffic to this site that leads to customers clicking that all-important affiliate link to buy the product.

There are services that provide help in setting up Amazon affiliate operations. These services can range from simply providing search engine optimized content designed to catch a potential consumer's eye to full turnkey services that do everything from soup to nuts. Millionaire Mastermind seems to be positioning itself as closer to the latter, but we're simply not convinced that the service is going to provide high enough value for money.

We base this on our accumulated evidence of Barraza's reputation as an affiliate marketer. It's more than a little black hat, and while his site is filled with glowing testimonials and recommendations, let's be honest here – screenshots can be faked by anyone with a copy of Photoshop and 10 minutes of free time.

What we feel is really going on here is that Barraza has been selling his marketing methods for long enough that he's earned quite a bit of money from them. However, it doesn't seem as if he's actually running these systems himself in order to make money.

Selling an income system is great, but only if it has value. If it doesn't work – which is what we suspect with Millionaire Mastermind – it's not worth anything to anyone except the person who's selling it.

While you're welcome to field a phone call from Barraza's staff to learn more about Millionaire Mastermind, we're going to take a pass on that one. We recommend you do the same.

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