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The Wealth Network is an internet marketing education platform that provides training to individuals interested in learning how to become internet entrepreneurs. The company also offers an affiliate program to any of its members that want to take the training they receive and then market membership in The Wealth Network to new prospective students.

What Is The Wealth Network?

The Wealth Network is run by several affiliate marketing and internet entrepreneurship veterans. These individuals include Chief Strategy Officer Sean Agnew, Chief Financial Officer Josh Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer Jerry Singh, Chief Operating Officer Aaron Andrews, and VP of E-Commerce Development David Arnett.

The site itself was registered on October 22, 2015 and lists Jerry Singh as the registrant. Singh's address is listed as Ontario, Canada. However, the mailing address the company provides is a virtual office space provider in Las Vegas, Nevada – not much more than a place to receive mail and, occasionally, rent out a private office on a day-to-day basis to receive clients.

The Wealth Network Product

The Wealth Network offers a wide range of training and tools for internet and affiliate marketers, built upon a “Wealth Center” structure that focuses training and education in four different spheres. These spheres are delineated under the headings of E-Commerce, Affiliate Opportunities, Marketing Systems, and Blogging.

Much of the training presented in The Wealth Network is centered around earning income through e-commerce marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. However, most of the skills the company teaches are likely to be transferable to at least a moderate degree.

The training and tools provided by The Wealth Network are as follows:

  • E-commerce training and tools
  • An SMS/text broadcaster and autoresponder
  • A Google Hangout sales page
  • A Facebook mastermind group
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Automated sales funnel tools
  • A landing page builder
  • A wealth blogging system
  • Marketing training
  • An advanced click tracking tool
  • Weekly webinar training
  • “Profit Spy” product sourcing

There are two tiers of membership, both of which require a monthly fee. Gold level costs $49.99 a month and provides the following:

  • Amazon FBA Training
  • Inventory Tracking on eBay (5,000 Credits a Month)
  • Amazon Inventory Tracking
  • Weekly Training Webinars
  • Capture Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Banners
  • Aweber/Getresponse Integration
  • Advanced Click Tracker
  • Profit Spy (10 Products/Day In Top 3% Of Amazon)
  • TWN Turbo Lister
  • Wealth Blogging System With Training
  • Marketing Training & Education
  • eBay Product Repricer
  • Custom Google Hangout Link
  • Facebook Mastermind Group
  • eBay Training

Meanwhile, the Platinum membership tier, which costs $149.99 a month, includes everything that the Gold membership does as well as the following additional features:

  • TWN 7 Figure Marketing Strategies
  • Landing Page Page Builder
  • Advanced Blogging/SEO Strategies
  • Amazon Product Repricer

There doesn't seem to be any contract to sign, which makes membership a month-to-month commitment. While there is no mention of any upsells past these monthly subscription fees, there's no indication that there aren't any possible upsells waiting for members after they pass the monthly pay gate either.

The Wealth Network Opportunity

With Affiliate Opportunities being one of the four Wealth Centers of The Wealth Network, it's natural that the company offers an affiliate marketing opportunity for anyone interested in marketing membership in and of itself.

The company claims to provide up to 65% commissions across three levels of referral recruitment activity. Specific breakdowns of how the affiliate system works were not available on the company website, likely only presented to those who have purchased at least a month's worth of membership.

The Wealth Network Verdict

On the face of it, The Wealth Network looks to be a high-value training program for a relatively small amount of money. With the Gold membership just $50 a month – and the second-tier membership just another $100 on top of that – the amount of features and tools that members gain access to seem large.

However, just because members are offered wide swathes of tools and training doesn't mean that any of these things are intrinsically valuable. There are no indications as to the quality of the materials The Wealth Network provides, and this could lead to a case of effectively over-paying for membership in the program.

Furthermore, we're not entirely sure how successful The Wealth Network has been historically when it comes to providing its affiliates an income earnings opportunity. On the company's disclaimer page, there is an important piece of text that we've reproduced here:


As of this writing, it has been almost 16 months since the date cited in that disclaimer. We don't have any data from that point forward, but with the website's registration date as October 2015, there's a good 5-month gap there that indicates that, originally, The Wealth Network wasn't generating much wealth for its students after launch. This isn't exactly something that engenders high levels of confidence in the company's affiliate program.

However, marketing the membership as an affiliate is just one facet of The Wealth Network. The rest of the education, training, and tools the company provides may still have value – but this is something that you would have to evaluate for yourself. Overall, we do feel that at just $50 a month, it's worth giving The Wealth Network a chance to see if the training and tools it purportedly provides will be of any value to you as an internet entrepreneur or affiliate marketer.

Overall, we do feel that at just $50 a month, it's worth giving The Wealth Network a chance to see if the training and tools it purportedly provides will be of any value to you as an internet entrepreneur or affiliate marketer. Even at $150 a month, the price point is low enough to not strain the budgets of anyone but those with the most extreme of financial constraints – and this makes us feel that giving The Wealth Network a month to prove itself to you is a relatively low-risk investment.

We recommend giving it a try if you're curious.

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