tim skyes new rules of penny stocks

The New Rules of Pennystyocking (“New Rules” for short) is a 450+ page guidebook and accompanying 18 hours of recorded conference footage from Timothy Sykes

What Is New Rules Of Pennystocking?

New Rules Of Pennystocking was created by Tim Sykes, an investor and hedge fund founder that famously took around $12,000 in savings (“Bar Mitzvah money,” according to Sykes) and, after investing in penny stocks, turned that savings into $2 million in profit from his senior year in high school to his senior year in college.

After becoming a successful day trader and hedge fund founder, Sykes has since transitioned to becoming a full-time financial activist and educator. More than one of his students have gone on to make more than $1 million in investment profit using his methods.

Additionally, Sykes attempted to re-create his original success publicly in a transparent manner by documenting his trades made on another $12,000 worth of capital. The day trader was able to successfully turn his initial investment into $90,000 over the course of two years.

New Rules Of Pennystocking Product

The New Rules product is a combination 450+ page instruction manual and 18 hours of recorded video from a recent penny stock day trading investment conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The DVD set includes several hour-long presentations by luminaries from the day trading world on a variety of topics, including how to spot and expose unethical “pump and dump” investment schemes. Sykes himself speaks for a combined 7 hours worth of time.

The entire package retails at a “special presale” price of $397.

New Rules Of Pennystocking Opportunity

The opportunity presented by New Rules is to gain insider information on day trading penny stocks at a profit, as evidenced by the success of Sykes and his other students.

While Sykes does have an affiliate program, it is not directly related to sales of New Rules.

Instead it is tied to his investor-centric social media platform Profit.ly, which is a separate entity altogether. Individuals interested in becoming a Profit.ly affiliate will have to look elsewhere for information regarding that opportunity.

New Rules Of Pennystocking Verdict

Tim Sykes is, in the common parlance, “the real deal.” He's been featured in several major financial magazine profiles and has appeared on network television on several occasions, all based on his success as an investor and a financial adviser.

Additionally, Sykes has demonstrated a philanthropic spirit, spending time and donating vast sums of money to charitable organizations. The investor recently donated $1 million to go towards constructing schools in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos as part of the “Pencils of Promise” campaign.

Additionally, his Timothy Sykes Foundation has raised $600,000 in charitable donations and has partnered with entities such as the Boys and Girls Club and the Make-a-Wish Foundation in the past.

However, Sykes has not been a stranger to controversy, either. Despite his attestations of being a financial educator, he is not a registered investment adviser.

Additionally, he has been very public in his condemnation of investment schemes promoted by celebrities that Sykes considers pump and dump schemes.

By all accounts, Sykes seems to be reasonably ethical, an obviously talented day trader, and at least a marginally talented educator, considering some of his students have been able to replicate his success.

His charitable donations – and his public stand against pump and dump schemes – are marks in his favor, which makes us believe that the information held in The New Rules of Pennystocking is likely to be useful to penny stock day traders.

Of course we must address the cost. At nearly $400, this educational course is well out of the “affordable” price range, though when viewed through the lens of the thousands of dollars it can sometimes cost to attend a live conference, this is a bargain price.

However, we don't feel comfortable recommending this product unless you are an established day trader and you can comfortably afford it.

The information within is likely to be too advanced for a novice, so if you're just starting your day trading journey, look for more appropriate informational sources.

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