Timothy Sykes trades stocks. We all know that.

What we do not know – is how he did it and is currently & continually doing it…yet

At his millionaire stock trading website, you are greeted with a video where he explains how he made millions of dollars last year – and what he wants to do now – by offering to mentor you to do the same.

Tim created all of his own personal success on his own and has now been to over 100 countries ‘living the life'. He became a millionaire by the age of 22 (generating $2,000,000+ while still in college) and has since been featured on the likes of; CNN Money, The Steve Harvey Show, The Larry King Show, The Wallstreet Warriors, Forbes, Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com writer, New York Times, Fox & Friends and many other major publications.

Sykes is on a mission to teach and train his mastered methods with daily live webinars and is now rolling out his red carpet access platform, The Millionaire Challenge.

The goal?

Transfer true tried and tested tips and strategies on penny-priced stocks directly to you with live, daily, over the shoulder interactive training via his Millionaire Challenge.

He says “having the right hot stock picks” is nothing more than having the right preparation – which can be transferred to you and that is why he is on a challenge to create over 20 millionaires this year and wants to find out who the dedicated students are by going though his Millionaire Trading Challenge Application process. He wants to know who will take advantage and action of everything he has learned and experienced being an expert for low priced stock trading with nearly two decades of personal experience and insight.

He created a community called “Profit.ly” that has over 84,000 traders and Investimonials.com that has over 65,000 investors and traders as members. Since he began teaching, over 6,000 students have used his methods to trade stocks – and now – he wants to hold a challenge to create the next wave of millionaire investment and trading students.

Some will throw shade and hate towards him that he “got lucky during the tech bubble”, but he is quick to state that last year was his most profitable year to date trading stocks. Now, the goal seems to be simple – to show you his day to day business blueprint for create skills and self sufficiency in making money using his system in which he will teach and train you via daily webinars.

What Is The Millionaire Challenge?

The birth idea was sparked for the Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge program to allow students to learn how he made his millions trading and gaming the penny stock market.

A system designed from a self-taught stock trading millionaire with over 16 years of experience who knows how to “make money when they go down” and teach you strategies others simply do not know or would never think of. He is adamant about tracking stocks not being a ‘guessing game'. Mr. Sykes also mentions the fact you do not even have to be some genius or overly smart person, know math all that well or some special innate knowledge to learn what he can teach and training you on…it simply boils down to learning where and when to fight the right battles. And he believes and builds his business on low priced penny stock companies due to less competition and more volatility making it much easier.

As one of the go-to top low stock price trading experts, Tim knows how to create 1/2/3+ million dollars in a since year betting on stocks you have never heard of. He avoids all the big plays that CNN and CNBC suggests like Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, GE etc – because everyone already trades there which diminishes returns – and instead goes after the little niches that still present a big opportunity.

In the Millionaire Challenge, Tim Sykes wants to give you the advantage on every single trade. He says he wins close to a staggering 74% of his stock trades and past students are winning anywhere from 55%-70%.

Let's review Timothy's Millionaire Challenge to see if you fit the mold of being a good candidate for his motto being, “we supply the instruction, you supply the implementation”.

We suggest you read the rest of the overview, but you can fill out the Millionaire Challenge application right now and schedule an interview with Tim Sykes' team.

About The Millionaire Challenge

Can you really create millionaires from scratch and prove the critics wrong?

Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge is setup to accomplish and achieve exactly that.

Click Here to Apply To Become One Of Tim Sykes Students Today

These days, most of us who think stocks are reminded about The Wolf of Wall Street status – but no matter your motivation for wanting to make money in the stock market, whether a new career path, hobby, retirement or to supplement/replace income there is a basic blueprint you need to follow – and that is find someone who has done what you want to do and partner/mentor up with them.

Timothy Sykes invested $12,415 that he had received as Bar Mitzvah gifts and turned it into $2 million. He started a hedge fund during his senior year at college and also created a scholarship fund for students, teachers and alumni at Tulane, where he attended. His hedge fund became the #1 ranked short fund by Barclay for 3 years. He was also named Trader Monthly’s ‘Top 30 Under 30’ in 2006.

His autobiography, “An American Hedge Fund” became a bestseller then he started his own publishing company so he could educate people on how to handle their finances through written materials and DVDs. He was also ranked the #1 investor out of over 60,000 by Covestor.

He currently has over 3,000 students in 70 countries who use his system and after four years of teaching, 48 of these students are now making six figure annual incomes.

The Product

What Sykes does is trade in Penny Stocks. By investing in his program, you receive educational material with titles like, “Penny Stocking 101: How to Get Started with Penny Stocks,” “Which Penny Stocks to Buy,” and “How to Invest in Penny Stocks.”

He offers a challenge to people that they will make one million dollars if they follow his strategies. For $74.95 you can get what's called “TIM alerts” or real time trade alerts and access to a chat room with over 1,000 active traders.

For $149.95 per month you can enroll in the “Pennystocking Silver” plan. This is the same as the first one, but also gives you access to a 3,500 volume video library and bi-weekly video lessons.

There is a store, but it is currently down.  As a result there are 12 educational DVDs that you can apparently purchase as well.

The Opportunity

Sykes is all about trading penny stocks. By investing in this type of market and using the materials provided, you can make money. If you opt for the higher priced plan, you also get to speak with Timothy personally. As with any types of investments, the more money you have to invest, the more you have the potential to gain.

The Verdict

If trading and investing into stocks is something you are remotely interested in getting involved with – there is no better person or training program out there that can compare to Tim.

The Millionaire Challenge will be a very real, live and interactive place where Sykes focuses on preparation every single day for the best plays.

Now, everyone knows that the stock market can be a fickle place and I seriously doubt that watching videos on how to trade penny stocks is going to raise your odds of succeeding there. And that is why Tim's Challenge is to make sure you succeed by showing you exactly how he goes about conducting his super successful stock trading actions.

You should know there are disclaimers all over his websites saying how you are the one who has sole responsibility over your success, or lack of it. This should be blantantly obvious no matter who or what you are getting into. When you visit the official Tim Sykes website, it is full of videos of Sykes going on and on of how you can make a million dollars in a relatively short amount of time, but not much of anything about how this achieved – and that's why the Millionaire Challenge was created and is actively open right now for a limited time.

While there is no clear cut answer on what is best for everyone who is researching and reviewing Sykes' Millionaire Challenge, we encourage you to at least schedule a free consultation with Tim's team.

There is a chance when you research him a little further online you might find scam reviews and comments that many of the stocks that he recommends you to invest in are already owned by him. This of course would imply not only does he make a profit from the sales of his materials, he also makes more money from you down the road – however – we could not find any substantial evidence of this and seems to be a small detail even if true should you decide to get started.

While Sykes' trading strategies may work for some people, it obviously won't work for everyone, regardless of how much reading you do, or how many videos you watch. But that should not stop you or negatively influence you into filling out the free Millionaire Stock Trading Application to see if you can learn more about the training program.

Please let us know your comments and feedback about the Millionaire Challenge by Timothy Sykes in the comments below so we can have an open, honest and transparent discussion about this new opportunity to become a wise stock trader and investor.

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  1. I have watched and follow Tim for years now – he is a very stand up guy who always brings the energy and enthusiasm in everything he does. I for one am excited that there is an opportunity to learn from one of the leaders in this space…I will report my results after giving the program however long it takes..as he said in his video, it will take weeks to months to get it all together, but in years time you should have a whole new outlook on life and not make it such a guessing game when it comes to your financial future.


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