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Top Bitcoin is a cash gifting scheme making exclusive use of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC). Here’s our Top Bitcoin review.

What Is Top Bitcoin?

Top Bitcoin is a website that provides individuals the opportunity to participate in a cash gifting scheme. Members are also provided “ad credits” for participating in the scheme in order to advertise their own business on the website.

Top Bitcoin Features

Members who join Top Bitcoin must pay a small fee to do so, which is “gifted” to their sponsor. In turn, once this gift is received, members can then recruit up to two new members of their own who must gift the original member for the privilege of joining the program.

Once a member has received his or her two gifts, they have the option to upgrade their membership by sending a larger gift to their original sponsor. This begins a brand new cycle of recruitment, with the gifts the member receives growing larger in turn.

This cycle continues an unspecified number of times, with cash gifts to sponsors and from recruits growing larger each time.

Who Makes Top Bitcoin?

There’s zero information about who runs Top Bitcoin. The website itself is registered supposedly to a Cesare Franck from Panama, but both the address and phone number given is false.

Alexa site rankings for Top Bitcoin point to the company being centered in Italy, as 100% of the site’s traffic comes from this country.

The Top Bitcoin Facebook group reinforces this, as its approximately 20 members all seem to be Italian nationals or expats, including its three admins, Sara Cento, Luca Pettinato, and Iolanda Lucia. These three have little information available besides several affiliate marketing posts on their Facebook timelines.

Top Bitcoin Materials

The only thing that could be called a “material” asset you can claim from Top Bitcoin would be the advertising credits, which supposedly allow you to list advertisements on the Top Bitcoin website for other members to see.

Many cash gifting schemes provide this so-called service in a play to provide legal compliance and mask the fact that they are indeed cash gifting schemes, which are illegal in many jurisdictions.

As no one actually uses these ad credits, providing them to members is irrelevant.

Top Bitcoin Pricing

There’s no exact information on how much it costs to join Top Bitcoin, or how much you stand to earn from cycling to different tiers. This is likely due to the broken English used by the site, no doubt written by non-native English speakers.

Top Bitcoin Reviews

There’s no positive information on Top Bitcoin as far as customer feedback. Instead, it’s rather ultimately seen as just another cash gifting scheme – an unmitigated scam.

Top Bitcoin Summary

Top Bitcoin is a bad investment. Cash gifting schemes are illegal in most countries because they funnel “donations” to anonymous users at the top of an ever-widening pyramid of increasingly disgruntled members struggling to find recruits of their own. Don’t get fooled by promises of easy wealth.

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