total game change

Total Game Change is an “elite membership coaching offer” that involves receiving step-by-step instructions in setting up your own online business – in other words, an online marketing training and education course.

What Is Total Game Change?

There’s zero information on the Total Game Change site regarding who owns the company. However, based on a single image file included on the Total Game Change site – and corroborated by the name on the site’s registration data – we can reveal that Total Game Change is owned and operated by Teresa Davis Cole, a self-described online business strategist.

In addition to Total Game Change, Cole also maintains a professional site and business blog on a separate domain. There, she advertises her services as well as promotes weekly webinars, conference calls, and other services.

Total Game Change Product

Total Game Change is a $147 training program, marketed through ClickBank, that provides what Cole calls “A through Z instruction” on setting up and running an online business.

The entire package is made up of three specific courses, entitled Mentality Boot Camp, How to Build an Online Business, and Sales Psychology. These courses come with personalized support from Cole.

As a ClickBank product, Total Game Change is covered by a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. However, as always, we warn potential customers that ClickBank’s guarantee only covers an initial purchase; if there are other products, services, or upsells that Cole offers after this initial purchase, the ClickBank 60-day guarantee will not cover them if you are dissatisfied with them.

Total Game Change Opportunity

Cole represents Total Game Change as an opportunity to create your own online business, making it possible to throw off the shackles of your 9 to 5 existence and create abundance for yourself as your own boss. That, plus truncated information about the mindset, online business building, and sales psychology coaching she offers as part of this opportunity, is about as specific as she gets when it comes to the mechanics of what her program teaches you.

Total Game Change Verdict

There are many online coaching products and services on the market, all of which have distinct commonalities and differences. From what we can see without evaluating Cole’s methods (by purchasing access to Total Game Change), this product seems to be typical when it comes to the types of subject matter on display.

Whether this means that Total Game Change is an effective coaching program is unclear. Additionally, at a $147 price point, it’s not prohibitively expensive, though it does represent a low-to-moderate investment that will likely make you stop and think about whether it’s a good idea to try it out.

However, we can say is that since this is a ClickBank product, it’s safe to evaluate Total Game Change for 60 days or less and then return it if you feel it’s not for you, or that it’s simply not teaching you things that will be beneficial. This minimizes risk and allows you to take a chance on the program to see if it has any merit or use.

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