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Touch Of Modern Review

Specializing in high-quality and ultra modern products at affordable prices. Touch of Modern's online store features new age and high tech products that are not sold through other average online stores. With a strong product line and an equally strong customer base Touch of Modern is offering a tiered commission affiliate program which grows overtime with a potential revenue reaching 8 figures.


The Company

Breaking in to the Modern era with the launch of their website in 2012, their method of connecting directly with high end designers, distributors and manufacturers allows them to offer their customers a unique online shopping experience with low membership pricing.

Touch of Modern is geared toward men who are seeking one-of-a-kind, high end products at better than retail pricing. With over 7 million customers, and still growing as Touch of Modern adds new multiple product lines to their online store daily. A curated and unique online shopping experience, their wide variety of high quality products, fashion brands and gadgets has their growing customer base returning again and again.

The Product

Things you just don't see every day; with products ranging from high end Rolex© watches to key organizers in the form of a multi tool, to furniture and just about everything in-between. Becoming a member of the website brings new opportunities every day to discover something new and at a cost of up to 70% off retail.

They pride themselves on products that are excellent conversation starters. For instance; have you ever heard of a rotating shot glass? I didn't either until I browsed Touch of Modern's website. More than unique and with a stunning design, it's a glass that can rotate on the table with just a slight motion of your hand. Touch of Modern embodies high tech in combination with sleek modern designs.


The Opportunity

Becoming an affiliate of Touch of Modern requires an application process and approval. Upon approval you are assigned to an affiliate manager who is available to assist with technical questions and general inquiries as you go.

You will be given a tiered schedule for commissions which start at 7% for new buyers, with the average order size of approximately $100 to $200 each. As an affiliate you are given access to the following tools and resources at your finger tips:

  • A daily data-feed
  • Access to banners and links
  • Promotional codes

Showcasing Touch of Modern's products right on your own website is not only encouraged but necessary while utilizing Touch of Modern's keywords for search engine optimization and visibility. During the application process the website that you would like the products showcased on will be reviewed as they prefer sites that are ” aesthetically pleasing”.

The Verdict

With such a well established online presence and company, Touch of Modern yields a large and loyal online following, however as an affiliate you are responsible to facilitate the website and online presence to attract your own buyers and build your own online following

Here are a few things to consider:

Is the website your utilizing as an affiliate to promote the products of Touch of Modern a well established presence?

How tech savvy are you in being able to optimize the website for the most ideal keywords?

Do you understand the fundamentals of optimization so that you are able to target an audience geared toward Touch of Modern's product line?

Are you able to facilitate the resources for the proper optimization of the site?

If you answered yes to those questions then becoming an affiliate of Touch of Modern might just be a good investment of your time, with room to grow with their tiered commission program.

Overall, with the right tools, Touch of Modern's affiliate programs is a great opportunity for a high yield of revenue over time.

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