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Looking to start investing in bitcoin and earn up to 0.45% ROI? That is what Trade Coin Club can offer you when you sign up for their “Senior Trader” account. You see, Trade Coin Club wants to make you money as the company makes money and they are willing to cut you in on the action.

All you have to do is sign up and invest using bitcoin and you can start building a nice little nest egg for your future. Before you get your eyes on the prize, though, there are a few things you should know about Trade Coin Club.

What Is Trade Coin Club?

Trade Coin Club was registered on August 2, 2016. The site is registered as private making it difficult to figure out who runs the site. The only thing you will find on the website is the logo of the company. You can try to click on the logo, but that doesn't do anything or take you anywhere on the site.

This level of secrecy leaves one to suspect that you can only register with the site by invitation only.

When looking into the site a little bit further you will find that according to Alexa, most of the traffic is coming from the United States and Brazil. While it is possible that the owner is in one of these countries since the site is set to private, there is no verifiable evidence to indicate either way.

The Product

Trade Coin Club doesn't offer any real products for sale. What you are given once you are invited in, is the opportunity to promote the company.

The Opportunity

There are several ways for you to make money. One of the ways is by the compensation plan. Within this structure, there are three levels you can join. The first level is the “Apprentice” which requires you to invest 0.25 to 0.99 BTC.

Once you set up your account you can then begin to earn 0.35% ROI daily. The ROI is only good for 8 months and the company is hoping that with the extra funds you will want to be bumped up to the next level which is “Trader”.

At the “Trader” level you must invest 1 to 4.99 BTC. Once you have everything in order and your funds in the account, you are guaranteed to receive 0.4% ROI. Now with the “Trader” account you are granted the 0.4% ROI for 12 months instead of 8 months you get with the “Apprentice”.

Next, you can sign up for “Senior Trader” with a whopping investment of 5 BTC. Now you can invest more if you want, but the minimum is 5 BTC in order to be in this category. In the “Senior Trader” compensation plan you are guaranteed 0.45% ROI daily for one full year.

The only thing you need to be aware of when signing up to join the compensation plan is the 25% fee on ROI that is mandatory to be paid every four months.

Next way to earn is through the company's referral program. With the referral program that goes down eight levels deep, you can be sure to earn a little extra cash while still collecting your daily ROI. How much you make all depends on what plan you signed up for.

If you are an “Apprentice” you will earn 10% for those you recruit on level one. You will then earn 3% for those in level two and 2% for those you recruit who are placed on level four. The only way to get more people under you is to be ranked at a “Senior Trader”.

Once you get that ranking you can fill up all eight levels. Apprentice only allows you to go down to level four, while Trader only allows you to go down as far as level 6.

When it comes to joining Trade Coin Club you have to understand that you will also pay a monthly fee.

To join as an “Apprentice” you are required to pay a monthly fee of 0.015 BTC, for “Trader” it is 0.03 BTC and for “Senior Trader” it's 0.045 BTC each and every month on top of what you are required to invest in order to receive any ROI.

The Verdict

There is a bit of mystery surrounding Trade Coin Club mainly due to the website's lack of information. When you first go to the site you will find the company's logo and nothing more. The site doesn't offer any valuable information or give away what it is.

You must dig deep in order to figure out what Trade Coin Club is all about.

The lack of information is a major red flag. There is no telling what you are really getting yourself into just by going to the front page. Since the site requires you to be invited it seems to set you up for a major failure. The whole structure is based on recruiting more individuals to pay into the system.

Another major red flag about Trading Coin Club is that you are required to pay 25% ROI fee. Since when does any company that offers returns on investments make you pay for getting that investment? That is why it is important for you to steer clear of Trade Coin Club.

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