traders offers

Traders Offers is a site that is dedicated to delivering trading systems. The site is compiled of several different training courses to help you get into the world of trading stocks to binary options.

The Company

There is no information as to who actually runs the website or who registered it in May 2015. On the site there is an gmail address you can contact for information as well as a Skype account.

The Product

Trader Offers is basically a list of courses and software you can pick from. It's an e-commerce site that pretty much lists every single course and system that has ever been invented or launched.

A few of their products listed are “The Law of Charts” which is a recorded webinar. The price is listed as “Contact Us”. There are several products like that which require you to contact them to get a pricing. Then there are others like, Fous4 DVD Training Course set at $119.

The site covers Trading software, Gold and Oil Courses, Forex and Trading Courses and a VIP Area.

The Verdict

It is as if the owner of the site went through Clickbank and every other affiliate site he/she could get to and posted everything here. There is no telling if these products are worth the money or if the site is just one big affiliate link after another. The whole “contact us” for pricing seems a little strange considering that most of these products are listed as being $50 and higher. This suggests that those products under “Contact Us” are going to be extreme and are the high ticket items.

Another thing that makes this site a little odd is their messaging system. You will see a link at the bottom as you scroll saying they are “offline and to leave a message”. Not sure if that is just the template they used for the website, or if they do provide customer service. Either way it there is a 50/50 chance that no matter what you get you will be disappointed.

Every product on the site looks the exact same. There is no difference between any of them except for the name of the product. This indicates that they are re-branding all these products to make it look like it is their own. When in reality, they are all affiliated products that have been re-branded and jacked up in price to earn the extra commissions. For example, Ninja Trader is a free application yet, on the site, it is listed for $27. So, it is very important that you do your homework and find out if the product is overpriced before buying it on this site.

Another thing that is really off is that the site doesn't have any Terms of Service, Disclaimer, or any of the standard notifications that other reputable sites have. So it is very clear that once you pay for any of these courses, you are stuck with them with no chance of getting your money back. The payment is through the website and directs you straight to PayPal. This is also a sign that the site is nothing but a sales page for this affiliate.

Granted there might be a few golden nuggets in this mess of a site. But you better do your homework and know what the actual retail price is before buying from here.

The whole site is unprofessional with only a Skype profile listed and “” email address. If this was a real business site, it would have a professional email address. Not a Gmail account that is free for anyone to sign up with. The best thing you can do is look into the product you want and see if this would be a smart buy. It just seems like this site is going for the “trading” niche and provides trading courses that are available everywhere and he didn’t want to waste any time actually promoting all the links. So he created this website to list all his products.

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