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Traffic Citi Review

This company is both an advertising and profit sharing company that claims to be managed by group of professionals with plenty of experience in the advertising industry online.


About Traffic Citi

Traffic Citi is run by Viru Garval. I couldn't find any information about this guy, or his advertising MLM and I was unable to find any substantial history about the company.

The Product

There is no product, or services for that matter. Basically, if you decide to become an affiliate with Traffic Citi, the only thing you can do is market the affiliation membership to other people.

Once you sign up, you have the ability to purchase what they call “adpacks.” These adpack investments have a variety of these so called advertising credits that you can use to advertise on their website.

The Opportunity

As a Traffic Citi affiliate, you can purchase these adpacks which range in price from $5 to $50. The amount you invest determines the amount of the return on investment (ROI). For instance:

  • $5 pays 107%
  • $10 pays 115%
  • $20 pays 120%
  • $30 pays 130%
  • $50 pays 140%

When you refer other people to become affiliates, you get paid commissions based on three levels.

  • The first level earns you 7%
  • The second level pays 2%
  • The third level pays 1%

They have two forms of membership, one is free, the other costs $10.

The Verdict

Traffic Citi looks like a straight up scam. There is no way to make money other than getting other people to join up. All investments are nonrefundable.

Their advertising credits are useless and are basically an investment fraud. Traffic Citi is well aware of this fact which is why they have the following statement included in their sign up page.

“For the good of the entire membership and the well-being of the program, if any member mentions the words lawyer, attorney, attorney general, police, SEC, FTC, FBI or any other potential threats to TrafficCiti, management reserves the right to remove them from the program immediately and close their account without refund and without further negotiation.”

What does that tell you? It tells me that these guys know that they aren't legit and will run away as soon as you accuse them of being such.

Once the money stops coming in, they will fold, and you will lose your money. It's that simple.

If you go to the Traffic Citi website, the first thing you will probably notice how unprofessional it is. Tons of grammar and spelling mistakes tell me that nobody even cares enough to proofread the front page.

There is no history about the company because they don't plan on having a future. I highly recommend not to invest a dime into this bogus outfit.

I have written quite a few reviews on different MLMs in the past, and Traffic Citi is by far the shadiest one I have come across so far.

There are legitimate opportunities to make money through MLMs out there, but it definitely behooves you to take some time and do the research before you throw your hard earned cash away. I assume that's why you are reading this post.

Ponzi schemes are a direct form of fraud, plain and simple. The authorities usually catch on eventually and shut them down. But until they do, the organization attempts to entice members with promises of huge returns, when in reality, they are simply stealing your money.

It wouldn't surprise me that by the time you read this article, Viru Garval and Traffic Citi will have already disappeared, taking their investor's money with them.

If they are still up and running by some miracle, I say again, stay away from this one.

However, there are legitimate MLMs out there where you can earn an extra income and I strongly encourage you to shop around so to speak if this is something you are interested in.

Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch. Do your homework, set your goals and determine what type of program will best fit your individual wants and needs.

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