Travel and Cash

For those who love to travel, the biggest obstacle is usually affordability.  Travel and Cash is a network marketing company which promises its members accessible travel through entrepreneurship and hard work.  Their motto is :

Helps people travel more and earn more…

Let's see how they're doing with these lofty and ambitious goals.

The Founders

Co-founders Kingsley Ennis and Michael Faust are dedicated to travel.  The Chief Visionary Officer, Mr. Faust, claims to have visited 40 countries while working from home for the last 25 years in network marketing.  He's living the dream…it's yet to be discovered whether he's going to share that dream with us.  Read on.

Kingsley Ennis has traveled too, “sharing the gift of health and financial freedom” (yes, please).  Through a series of answers to well-phrased interview questions, we learn the following from Mr. Ennis:

  • he believes Travel and Cash will succeed because his team has been involved with other huge successful MLM companies in the past 8 years.  (Hmmm, which famous company did these guys spin off from?)
  • he believes Travel and Cash will succeed because everyone loves to travel. (But enough to buy this product?)
  • he endearingly quotes Anthony Bourdain (Smart: makes a unique appeal to people who love travel).
  • if his apparent youth scares you, he's apparently older than he looks in his picture

Having scoured the interviews to clues as to what the business is all about, I still didn't know, however.  The website is a little cryptic. I was able to glean this from the FAQs, a rather strange place to have to go to learn what a company does (home page anyone?)  Registered in Belize, the company seems to offer wholesale travel packages but won't disclose who the provider is due to competition.

The Product

Wholesale travel being sold to retailers but not the public- not a new game by any stretch of the imagination but still possibly worthwhile.  The product is essentially a travel club membership.  You join, pay your dues or fees, and you get to purchase hugely discounted (i.e. “wholesale”) travel.

Memberships come in three different sizes:

  1. Club Membership ($200)
  2. Premium Membership ($500)
  3. Elite Membership ($1500)

Each comes with a set number of $100 Travel Credit vouchers, which can either be used towards personal travel or given away to people in order to encourage them to sign up for their own membership.   Club level members get 5, Premium level members get 10, and Elite level members get 25 $100 Travel Credit vouchers.

The Club Membership does not grant the member access to the travel portal, so it's purely for income-earning rather than use for personal travel discounts.

With the other memberships, members get things like 110% price guarantee, travel deals, searching on cruises, car rentals, hotel rooms, list your vacation home, and shopping mall.

Only at the Elite Level do members get an airport lounge priority pass, priority seating at events, and a special training/mentoring program, which I'm assuming is meant to spur sales.

The Compensation Plan

Earn income by selling memberships, preferably at the higher levels.  Members earn on personal sales and team development.  Filling a matrix earns you $30, and can be achieved with your downlines' membership sales as well as your own personal sales.  There are two Matrices for you to work on:

  1. Matrix One: 2×3 with 15 positions (fill and get $30)
  2. Matrix Two: 2×2 with 7 positions (fill and get $150)

You can also earn income on membership sales as follows:

  • sell a Club, get $6 on your first sale and $30 on subsequent sales.
  • Upgrade: Club to Premium: $9, then $45
  • Premium: $15, then $75
  • Upgrade: Premium to Elite: $44 then $220
  • Elite: $50, then $250

Build your team and get matching bonuses of 20%.  That's it in a nutshell, of course there are a few other details but they aren't essential to grasping the general idea.

The Verdict

Well I have to say that although I enjoyed reading the quaint interview and it made me feel these two entrepreneurs were sincere, I can't see much in the product that makes it stand out from its competitors.  Perhaps the mere fact that these guys don't seem like crooks is all we need!

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