TresMore bills itself as a monthly cashback shopping app that provides up to 20% off on purchases made at select stores. However, TresMore is, in fact, an affiliate recruitment scheme that's simply masquerading as a cashback app, following in the footsteps of older schemes that have already collapsed under their own weight.

What Is TresMore?

TresMore bills itself as an American company with a corporate address in Georgia, but is in fact owned by a Korean-based umbrella firm known as Thanks Matrix. The CEO of this company is listed as a “Joseph Lee,” but there seems to be no way to confirm Lee's identity save for the marketing fluff that appears on the Thanks Matrix site.

The rest of the Thanks Matrix corporate executive leadership is, unfortunately, the same way, as there are names and faces matched with corporate biographies but no real, verifiable information on the identities of these individuals.

TresMore Product

TresMore members, upon paying a monthly fee, gain access to a mobile app that allows them to scan in receipts from select retail stores, restaurants, and other similar places for up to 20% cashback at the end of the month. Total cashback limits are $260 per month or $3120 for the entire year.

The monthly membership fee to join TresMore is $129.99 a month. Members can also pay $330 quarterly instead.

TresMore Opportunity

While cashback is nice, the only way to truly earn large amounts of money with TresMore is to recruit new affiliates into the program.

Affiliates who sponsor new members build a downline with a binary compensation scheme. ROI is paid out on recruitment activity. Daily ROI begins at $5 for having 3 members for your team to as high as $3000 for having 8000 affiliates in your binary team.

This is, of course, a truly astonishing number of affiliates and is unlikely to be an achievable goal by anyone – particularly since TresMore is unlikely to be very successful based on some important issues discussed below.

TresMore Verdict

In essence, TresMore is not a cashback program – it's an MLM affiliate recruitment scheme that masquerades as a cashback program.

No one is going to sign up for TresMore to get a paltry $260 a month back from purchases when they can earn much more than that from recruitment-based daily ROI. The problem here, of course, is that those daily ROI payments are exclusively dependent on how many affiliates are paying into the system with their monthly membership fees.

This is because there's no outside source of revenue for TresMore except affiliate membership revenue. The company claims that retailers pay them for consumer data gathered by the cashback app, but with nobody using it, the money has to come from somewhere else, doesn't it?

Eventually, the number of people willing to pay $130 a month for the chance at a daily ROI is going to drop off. Once this does, recruitment will stutter and fall, and soon there will be affiliates at the bottom of the totem pole that won't have enough recruits to break even on their $130 monthly fee.

Once this happens, these low-ranking affiliates will drop out of the program, leading to a cascade of upline affiliates jumping ship as well. The entire program will collapse, leaving only those at the top of the pyramid with any profit.

Guess what? You won't be at the top of that pyramid.

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