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Some people in this world were put on the planet to help others, and Stu McLaren may be one of those people.

In addition to being a successful businessman and entrepreneur, McLaren is always looking for ways to help people, whether that is through charity work or finding a way to assist young entrepreneurs who are in the same position where he once found himself.

McLaren's story is the classic tale of a person who found success and used that success to help others.

He is done that throughout his career in business and marketing, and he is poised to continue doing that with his newest venture, Tribe Work Shop, a course designed to help young entrepreneurs turn their passion into a successful online business.


The Company

McLaren always seemed destined to become an entrepreneur. Towards the end of his tenure in college, McLaren was poised to join the corporate world and put himself on a path that countless others before him have taken.

But there was something about going down the corporate road that just didn't feel right to McLaren, and so he chose the road less traveled. Instead of joining someone else's company and settling into a comfortable career, McLaren decided that he'd rather build his own business and make his own way in the world.

Fortunately, McLaren had the support of his parents, who trusted him and his instincts and instructed to have faith in himself and his ideas. With the trust and support of his parents, McLaren set off on his own path, and he's never looked back.

Getting started as an entrepreneur for McLaren wasn't easy. Of course, it's never easy for anyone, which is part of the reason why he's insistent on continuing to help young entrepreneurs. In the beginning, McLaren's business mostly consisted of him speaking to students about creativity, trying to inspire young people to think up great ideas for the next generation. He also worked as a consultant for small businesses, doing so as much as possible because it paid more than speaking engagements. But McLaren didn't take the jobs that paid more purely for his own sake.

He did so because he knew the more money he made the more people he could ultimately help, a part of McLaren's life that is as true today as it was then.

As a young entrepreneur, one of the problems McLaren saw that he set out to solve was the lack of easy-to-use software for membership sites. Creating software that could be used by anyone to create a membership site and build an online community became the first major goal of his career. In pursuit of that goal, McLaren became the co-founder of WishList Member in 2008.

WishList Member is well known by many and allows allows any WordPress site to be turned into a membership site in just a few simple steps. It has helped to create more than 70,000 online communities and turned McLaren into one of the leading experts in building membership sites.

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The Product

McLaren being labeled as an expert when it comes to membership sites has allowed him to launch Tribe Work Shop. This latest venture of his is an online workshop in which McLaren shares his knowledge on how to create, launch, and run a membership site that can ultimately lead to thousands of dollars in recurring revenue for entrepreneurs. In the course, McLaren is able to teach two main principles that he feels strongly about. The first is how to take a skill or expertise in a certain area and turn it into a marketable product.


The second is how to make the revenue generated from that product more consistent, doing so in a way that reduces the amount of time and stress it takes you to produce it, leaving you free pursue the things in life that you enjoy the most.

The Opportunity

McLaren is a living example of these principles, as he has dedicates large amounts of his time, money, and energy to a charity he launched called World Teacher Aid.

The charity works to build schools in parts of Kenya where there were no schools, impacting thousands of lives in a positive way.

The idea sprung from his wife's travels to remote parts of the world that are often forgotten or overlooked. She challenged McLaren to raise money to build the schools, and that challenge gave him a new sense of responsibility and perspective on the world, as he was no longer working just to serve himself and his family; there was something bigger at stake. Every time he wants to slow down or relax, knowing that the more he makes the more he can help his charity keeps him motivated.

This is also what drives him to continue helping other entrepreneurs. He knows that all of them have reasons beyond personal gain for why they want to be successful. McLaren knows that he is not alone in wanting to make a positive impact on the world, and he knows that every entrepreneur he can help along the way gets a little closer to being able to give to their favorite charity or make a positive change on the world in their own way.

The Verdict

Helping people outside of his work is clearly important to McLaren, who says that in any business, the focus should always be on people, the customers in particular. This is part of the reason why McLaren has chosen to focus his effort on growing membership sites and online communities. He genuinely enjoys hearing feedback from people on membership sites and learning about the positive impact those communities can have on a person's life. Of course, this perspective is no surprise coming from a person who was put on this planet to help people and seems intent on doing that any way he can.

There's no reason to expect the Tribe Work Shop to be any different.

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