It's hard not to like TriVita right off the bat: a nice, functional, easy to use website with clearly-marked products packaged in labels that make sense to the western market, nice branding, and no hint whatsoever that it's the translated by-product of a strange and distant Asian MLM that's inexpertly adapted for the west (it's not, but others are).

Nope, Trivita features its owner's picture front and center on their homepage, fashionably youthful yet silver,  confident and successful.  American consumers will feel right at home here.  Let's take a deeper look and see if the pleasing images are supported by some real substance…in products as well as opportunity.

The Company & Founder

Well we already know the founder: Michael R. Ellison…at least we know his name and face.  Strangely, for all the show of placing him so prominently on the homepage, that's all there is!  Except for a few bland quotes sprinkled throughout the site (“Trivita is more than a company; it is a community for wellness seekers.”), there's not another piece of information about him.  Disappointing.

There are, however, short bios on the “healthcare professionals” that work for TriVita .  I scanned the list for notable tidbits and found the following:

  • real medical doctors working at University hospitals
  • a doctor who complete his residency at the Yale University Program of Internal Medicine at Bridgeport Hospital (although this is not the same as actually going to Yale!)
  • a “diplomate”, whatever that is, of the American Board of Family Medicine
  • a researcher specializing in metabolic disorders

These are the people who advise TriVita on products, their ingredients, and what it is these ingredients can do for the consumer.

Much more notable, however, is the fact that TriVita runs an online wellness center where people can view videos, listen to podcasts, read reports, and use interactive wellness tools.  They clearly state that they believe in the mind-body-soul connection so they view this wellness center as a vital part of the wellness community where a holistic approach to health can take root.  Bravo!

Trust is given.

There's extensive info on the website concerning their core values, which include:

  • scientifically validated blends
  • easier-to-absorb product
  • lab studies
  • pure ingredients
  • third-party testing and certification
  • quality control
  • medial advisory board
  • 60 day guarantee on products
  • ongoing research & innovation

The Products

With all that impressive “sciencey” info I discovered, I'm excited to view the products.  This is no 3-product operation.  There are plenty of products, falling into the following four categories:

  1. foundational nutrition
  2. targeted nutrition
  3. leanology weight loss system
  4. amazon herb™

Chosen at random, Nerve Formula seemed like a good representative of the TriVita product line.  Cost is $27.99 for a bottle that contains 30 servings (60 capsules).  That's about a dollar a day for a super vitamin.  Mainly a B12 vitamin, this contains horse chestnut extract, Butchers Broom, and L-Taurine, among other things.

The Amazon Herb line is interesting: it's really a takeover of a former company of the same name.  Ingredients from the Rainforest rings a bell with many consumers, so why not?  With products like Fiberzon™, you can cover your essential health needs exclusively from this line.

But our TriVita product overview would not be complete unless we mentioned their famed Nopalea Cactus Fruit Health Drink. Promoted all over TV and sold as nutrient-rich drink from the Sonoran Desert, TriVita's Nopalea used to be the star of attraction but seems to have been mixed into the vast majority of their other product line mentioned above…I am not sure the proper conclusion should we draw from that?

The Business Opportunity

I wouldn't exactly call TriVita's plan a bus op.  Rather, it's called “Premier Membership” and it allows you to earn points but not cash.  These points are good for buying products and services at the TriVita Wellness center.

  • For your purchases, earn 4% in VitaPoints.
  • refer people and get 20% in Vita Points on their orders

That's it for the time being, although you also get preferred customer service and eligibility for special offers.  Joining is free.  To give you an idea of scale here: sell a bottle of product that costs $39.99 and earn $1.59 worth of VitaPoints.

The Verdict

Reasonable prices, good science, trustworthy enough looking establishment…TriVita has good things going for it.  Too bad as a network marketer there's no way at this time for you to take part in this company!  Unless you're willing to become a salesperson just to feed your immense vitamin habit, you'll have to go elsewhere if you're looking to add to your income streams.

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